Friday, November 16, 2007

Name that Book...

Joan, the Erstwhile Librarian, tagged me with this meme. She assured me that it was easy and fun. So, here are the rules:
  • Go to the Advanced book search on Amazon
  • Type your first name into the Title field
  • Post the most interesting/amusing cover that shows up
I find that I don't always follow directions, to the letter. ( I had some trouble picking only one book). Not that there are a load of books with the name 'Lynn' in the title. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of writers with the name Lynn, but since this meme isn't called "Finding authors with your name", I searched high and low for books with my name in their title.

This is what I found out...
My name can be associate with either the Victorian Era...
(Lynn In The Victorian Era)

or the not very Victorian age at all... (There were lots of Penthouse Magazines with the name Lynn on their cover)

Then again, this one might refer to the heartburn I've been experiencing.

(it's called "The Great Fires of Lynn")

or this one titled "The Distress of Lynn" could be referring to the angst that I am experiencing regarding my DH's family coming over to celebrate the holiday.

Given my last post... I am confident that book will answer the question..." Where is Lynn? and what is she doing with all of her clutter?"

Of course given the name of my blog 'A Tired Mama', I felt that I needed to include a book titled "Going Like Lynn" which I thought would give some insight into whay I am so tired. (clearly it must be due to all of my comings and goings)

So there you have it. I tag everyone who is currently participating in NaBloPoMo...Let's see if I have this right...Patches, Nancy Dancehall, Sari, Marsha, Shannon...and anyone else who would like to do this. Now I understand that your name might not appear in the title of a book...if that's the case, why don't you just pick a name that you like...or dislike...and give it a try.


Renee said...

I found a bunch written by Renee's or illustrated by Renee Graff (she's pretty famous in the children's section!) But I posted one of my favorites... "Miss Renee's Mice" DD & I just crack up over this book because I add sound effects to the mouse party.

Miss Renee likes to build doll houses and the mice like to live in them because they are so comfy. It is very cute.

Joan said...

Somehow I knew your name was more "useful" than mine. And I definitely like "Going Like Lynn" much better than "The Distress of Lynn."!!!

Lynn said...

Renee - That sounds like a great book. I wonder how I never found it when the kids were younger.

Joan - I'm glad we agree.