Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Five Things Meme

Joan has tagged me with this fun meme.

Five Things...

Found In My Room (I chose the bedroom)
and a huge pile of who knows what! (I'm too nervous to actually tackle this pile)

I've Always Wanted to Do
Visit Australia (I want to see if the toilets really flush counterclockwise)
Visit Africa (I've heard that there is nothing like going on a safari)
Visit Fiji (some fun on those gorgeous beaches would be nice)
Visit Brazil (DH and I have a friend living there)
Visit Western Canada (I've seen Eastern Canada, love to see Western Canada)

Found In My Bag
Glass case
empty gum wrappers (what can I say, Elle takes a piece of gum and throws the wrapper into my purse)

Found In My Wallet
Driver's license
Credit cards
Insurance cards
Prescription for my dogs special food
face mask in case I ever have to do CPR (notice I did not mention money)(see below)

I'm Currently Into
Trying to get my pay check straightened out (like that will ever happen)(hence no $ in the wallet)
Blogging everyday (thanks alot NaBloPoMo)
Decluttering my house (that oughta take a few years)
Writing reports for work (will they ever end?)
Reading a trashy book (helps me escape writing those reports)

So the rules say I get to tag 5 blogging friends. I tag Patches, Nancy Dancehall, Marsha, Leanne, Lynanne, Enjoy!


Marsha said...

That was a fun meme I haven't seen before. Thanks for the tag.

Renee said...

I think we need to go to that payroll office with guns...kidding.

I'm so sorry they still haven't figured this out for you. Hugs

Patti said...

very cute - Joan gave this one to me the other day...

I started it then ran out of steam. I am lazeeeeee

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh oh oh oh... you hafta come out to western Canada. It's soooooooo beautiful! The mountains, rivers, lakes, fresh air, me, wildlife (same thing)... beautiful country.

Mary said...

I enjoyed your post. Western Canada is beautiful and if you ever get the chance, be sure to see it.

Thanks so much for commenting on my Muskoka post. I always enjoy visiting with you.


Leanne said...

Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. I LIKE to read your blog, but I've never been tagged before.

Now I'm panicing....

I'll get on it.

Nancy Dancehall said...

Woo-Hoo! Now I have a post for tomorrow!

Lynn said...

Marsha - You are welcome. It is a fun one to do;~)

Renee - Thanks for the hugs...they are greatly appreciated.

Patti - Post what you completed, then you can post the rest on a different day;~)

Michele - It is you beautiful photos of Western Canada that have me wanting to visit there.

Mary - We will definitely make the trip...some day, hopefully sooner than later.

Leanne - This is a very easy blog. No pressure. There is no right or wrong. No need to panic.

Nancy - Happy to oblige. However if you state that you have some 'rat semen smears' in your purse, I will be sick. lol

patches said...

Running behind 'cause some cranky shoppers aren't easily consoled....I zigged and I zagged, performing a lovely figure eight around her ankles to no avail..I finally gave up and took her a trashy novel. I'll get on this, like Nancy said, now I have another post :)

Lynanne said...

Great meme! Thanks for the tag! It should be easier than the other ones that I've forgotten for the past 6+ months. Oops!

Lynn said...

Patches - Seems like your work is never done. Human pets can certainly take a lot of your energy.

Lynanne - You are welcome. I can't remember how many tags I've forgotten.