Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's Time For A Whinefest

I am sick of Girl Scouts. I am tired of being the sucker who waste her precious time during the week or on the weekend, helping other peoples daughters become responsible, stronger women. I am resentful that I am devoting so much time to these girls, that Twelve doesn't even like, and their parents go about on their merry way.

Yesterday, Eventempered came over. Twelve and Eventempered were supposed to come up with some music to play in the background during the Silver Award event that the troop has planned. Most of their time was spent playing on the Wii. I had chores to do, silly unimportant things like food shopping. Instead I had to stay home with the two girls. Maybe if I had made better use of my time while stuck at home, I might not be in such a bad mood.

Today, I planned to go food shopping. We went to services this morning, and got home about 1pm. I planned to eat lunch and leave for the store (our cupboards are so bare that now I even need to get bread and water). Evidently one of the girls on the entertainment committee with Twelve called last night and wanted to get together today. Make that wanted to come over to my house and work on the music for the event. Eventempered (she's also on the committee) also wanted to come over here. Of course that would work out best for everyone involved (read as their parents)...EXCEPT FOR ME!

Eventempered's parents were able to go about their daily business yesterday, while Eventempered was over here, and "J's" parents were able to do whatever they needed to do yesterday...while I was stuck here...supervising. Now today, Eventempered's parents can drop her off and go about and do their chores, and "J's" parents can drop her off and do their chores, while I am left here, unable to even get to the grocery store to buy some food.

I am resentful, big time. I need a break. I need for someone else to step up to the plate and volunteer their precious weekend time to helping my daughter....fat chance that will happen.

We are currently in the middle of these three girls trying to agree on songs to buy, so that a CD can be burned to play in the background. Twelve is being the biggest bitch! She doesn't like "J" and is being rude to her. I have a raging headache and am also working on being resentful that I can't get to the grocery store. Hubby just came home and is mad at me for not putting his clothes in the dryer. That would be the same hubby who went clothes shopping for himself yesterday and then returned to the stores today to return something.

I need a break!!!!! This Whinefest was brought to you by Girl Scouts!

Friday, April 27, 2007

I Survived Another Girl Scout Meeting!

I feel like I should be wearing a sign right now that says "I survived another Girl Scout meeting!" Had a meeting today after school. My troop continues to work on their Silver Award Project, and Twelve continues to work me.

Last night I mentioned to Twelve that we would have a Girl Scout meeting today after school.

Twelve: Where is it?
Me: At "J's" house.
Twelve: Oh's not here, but I don't want to go to "J's" house.
Me: Well, since you don't want meetings here, I didn't volunteer our house. It will be too hot tomorrow afternoon to have the meeting at the park. "J's" mother graciously offered her home for the meeting, so that is where the meeting will be.
Twelve: Who's driving?
Me: Mrs. B and Mrs. N
Twelve: Why can't you drive?
Me: I have to pick Ten up at school, but I will drop him off at home and meet you at the meeting.
Twelve: (trying another tact) I'm don't want to go. I don't like the other girls. They're mean to me.
Me: I'm sorry that you don't like the other girls. If they're mean to you just try to ignore them. You have 3 more meetings before the Silver Award Project. You have to go.
Twelve: Well, I really don't want to. Don't get mad at me tomorrow when I don't talk to anyone.
Me: (I wish I would have said something profound, but only profanity was coming to mind, so instead I did what any smart mother would do...I just rolled my eyes and sighed.)

This morning, I woke up with a raging headache. Figured it was stress related. Knowing that there would be drama this afternoon. Sure enough, this afternoon, while I was waiting to pick up Ten, Twelve called me. (she gets out of school 10 minutes before Ten).

Twelve: Hi mom. Where are we meeting?
Me: At the flagpole.
Twelve: Do I have to go to the meeting?
Me: Yes, you need the hours for your Silver Award.
Twelve: sigh

Ten minutes later, another phone call from Twelve.
Twelve: (angry voice) Hi mom. They want me to get into the car with "A". I am so not getting in the car with "A" there.
Me: There are two cars. Why don't you get into the other car?
Twelve: (strong obstinate voice) No. (pleading voice) Can you please pick me up?
Me: (figuring this is what she wanted all along)...Sure. I will get Ten and then I'll come get you.
Twelve: (happy voice) Thanks mommy! (can't remember the last time she called me mommy).

I picked Twelve up. Conducted the meeting. Meeting adjourned. Headache gone:~)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How Involved Do I Get?

Twelve came home from school today, showed me a mark on her left shin and told me that a boy in one of her classes kicked her because she refused to give one of his friends some index cards.

Me: "Twelve did you kick him back?"

Twelve: "No."

Me: "Too bad. You should have kicked him twice as hard as he kicked you."

Me: "Did you tell the teacher what happened?"

Twelve: "No, I really didn't want to end up dealing with the dean".

Me: "Do you want me to email your teacher so that she knows what happened?"

Twelve: "Yes, and tell the teacher that "T" is an asshole!"

Me: "I don't think that I need to tell the teacher that."

Twelve: "Too bad...are you mad at me for using that word (asshole)?... because he is you know."

My response was to roll my eyes.

I did email the teacher about what happened. Even though I work with Middle School and High School students, I don't often come across these types of incidents. I'm not sure if I should have lectured Twelve about her right to defend herself. (I'm sure that would definitely have rated an eyeroll from her). Am I being an over protective mother by emailing the teacher (with Twelve's permission)? What I really wanted to do was find "T" and kick him twice as hard as he kicked Twelve...lucky for him, I'm an adult, and I have self control. It made me mad that someone would hurt my kid, and though I realize that the mark on her leg will fade, what message has this boy, and my response to this incident, given my daughter about men?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Neighbor

My neighbor across the street has pancreatic cancer. She was diagnosed a few months ago and has undergone chemotherapy. She seemed to be responding to the chemo, but now I haven't seen her in a while.

My hubby ran into her husband out in front of our houses and her hubby said that she isn't doing too well. I haven't been over there in a while and now feel really awkward. I don't know whether or not it is o.k. for me to go over to see how she's doing, and see if they need anything. Has it been too long since I've gone over there and now it's too late? Is there an appropriate time period and I've inadvertently exceeded it?...and if I go over there, what do I say? I feel really inept and don't want to say or do (or not do for that matter) anything that might make either her or her hubby feel worse.

I realize that her illness is not about me (although this post is). I feel helpless knowing that there really isn't anything that I can do to make it all better. We were "pleasant greetings, I'll feed your dog for you while you're gone" kind of neighbors before she was diagnosed. Never really close, just polite and neighborly to each other. Now I feel like I've dropped the ball and that I should have been doing more...more what? I haven't a clue.

I could sure use Emily Post, right about now, to tell me what the proper etiquette is in this kind of situation. I am worried about my neighbor, and feel guilty that I haven't done something...only I don't know what I should be doing...any suggestions?

Monday, April 23, 2007

I Wasted A Perfectly Good Day

I woke up this morning and decided that I was too tired to go to work. I had lots of dreams last night and they affected my sleep. Unfortunately my alarm had gone off, and I had to go to the bathroom. (not sure why those two go together, but they do) While I was in the bathroom, I decided I might as well take a shower, since it was right there. After my shower, I figured that I might as well get dressed.

Went downstairs (still determined not to go to work today) so that I could fix lunch for Ten and Twelve, which I did. Sat at the computer for a little while and checked out blogland. Then it was the time that I normally leave for work, and I was already dressed and ready to I did.

What a waste of a perfectly good day!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Sister Hit A Homerun Out of the Park

Here is the Wii update...Joan waited on line at the store. They handed out numbers. She was 9 out of 17. We thought that sounded strange, I mean who packs cartons in groups of 17? Anyway, the bottom line is that she was able to purchase the Wii, and accessories :~D

Ten has a baseball game this afternoon (unless it rains, which it's supposed to do). Twelve and I were going to drive to my sister's house to pick up the Wii. Joan and her hubby have offered to come out this way for dinner, and they will drop off the Wii at that time.

Are they great, or what?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Sister Steps Up To The Plate

Twelve and Ten have saved their money and want to buy a Nintendo Wii. We have tried store, after store, after store, trying to find one that has them in stock. We keep getting the same story which is "Nintendo didn't realize what the demand for the Wii would be and they're having a hard time keeping up with the demand. Sorry, we don't have any, and we don't know when we will get any in."

Have heard rumors that two different stores are carrying ads for the Wii tomorrow, and that they will have them in the stores tomorrow. Hubby, Twelve and Ten and I have a committment tomorrow morning, so that we won't be able to get to either store in the morning to see if any Wii's are available. From what everyone tells us, if we don't get there early, they will be sold out.

Thank goodness for my sister...she has offered to stop by both stores in the morning to see if she can purchase a Wii for Ten and Twelve. The kids and I are keeping our fingers crossed...

Friday, April 20, 2007

It's a Long Way to Tipperary

This afternoon I am driving Twelve and two other girl scouts 118 miles each way (that's a minimum of a 5 hour round trip) for a two hour Girl Scout event. I obviously didn't think about the logistics when I signed the girls up. Fortunately, Twelve likes the two other girls and I enjoy the company of the other mom that is attending. That should make for a good car ride.

The actual event is from 6:30pm-8:30pm. We are planning to leave here at 3pm, after I get home from picking Ten up at school. Did I mention 5 hours in the car round-trip (if we're lucky and there is no traffic on a Friday night, yeah...right)? I told Twelve to pick out some movies for them to watch. Hopefully that will keep the girls occupied enough so that I won't hear the "Are we almost there yet?" refrain, or worse yet...bickering. Figure to return home about 11pm.

I already picked up dinner for everyone, that way if there is traffic, the girls will be able to eat their dinner in the car. I figure this will help keep my stress level down, if we happen to run into Friday night, get out of town, traffic. The weather is not cooperating. For some reason it is actually raining today (which, this year at least, has been a rare occurance.) It looks like the sun is trying to come out. I hope so. I really don't enjoy driving that far in the rain.

I hope that this event is worthwhile and that the girls all have a good time. That will make this journey worth it. However, I am going to take two Advil...just in case.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

How Rude!

Why do some people think that they own the roads? Recently the Department of Transportation reconfigured an interchange near my house. They changed the north and southbound onramps so that instead of making a left turn to get onto the freeway, you now make a right turn and enter on a "clover-leaf" type onramp.

As a result of this new onramp scenario, every morning there is a lineup of cars in the right lane waiting to work their way through a traffic light and onto the freeway. Every morning there are cars that speed by, while driving in the center lane, and then at the last minute "cut into" the line that's waiting to get onto the freeway, so that they can save 3-5 minutes.

Now don't get me wrong, I understand that there are people, who have been living in caves, and are unaware of the change in the traffic patterns and don't realize that they need to be in the right lane. I've been one of those people, who when I'm driving in a neighborhood that is new to me, has realized at the last minute that I needed to be in a different lane in order to get on the freeway. When that happens, I am very grateful to the nice person who sees my dilemna and lets me in. But I assure you that I don't make the same mistake twice, and certainly not every morning. Yet, it seems to me that it is the same cars every morning who "cut in" at the last minute. As they whiz by they seem to say..."ha ha you suckers."

For some reason, this bothers me. 95% of the people are being courteous and waiting their turn in line. I make it a point to leave for work early enough so that a little traffic won't matter. I figure getting onto the freeway into the equation. What is up with the other 5%? They can't all be new to the area and surprised by the change in traffic flow. Why do they feel that their time is so much more precious than everybody elses? Is it possible that they don't think that they are being rude? Is it possible that they are so self-involved that they only care about what they need and really don't give a damn about anyone else? How did they get this way? Didn't their parents teach them to treat others kindly? What could possibly be going on in their minds? Any ideas?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Trying It On For Size

Yesterday I went to a big box store. While shopping for bread and water (again) I found some shorts that looked really cute. I decided to buy two different kinds of shorts in my regular size. The brand that they are is a brand that I usually buy so I figured I knew my size. WRONG!

Came home, tried to try them on. Actually got them over my hips, but if I wanted to breathe, I couldn't close them. Now I'm in a funk. My pants from the same company, in the same size still fit...why didn't the shorts? Tomorrow I will return them to the store. The shorts are really cute, but I don't think that I want to buy them in the next size up.

What is wrong with these manufactures? Don't they realize I don't want to buy a larger size? Can't they make all of the items in one size, the same size? I understand about different cuts, but these shorts don't look a heck of alot different from other shorts that I have. (I know, so why did I buy them?...I bought them because I don't currently have any black shorts) Now I'm not a happy camper...and I am frustrated that I have to go back to the big box store (where I'll probably spend another $150) and I still won't have any shorts, because there is no way that I am buying the next size up!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Am The Queen of Procrastination!

Whew. It's done. With hours to spare. Income taxes. Finally mailed them today. Nothing like leaving it all until the last minute. It wasn't all my fault honest!

Went to the accountant about 6 (six) weeks ago. He needed some information. One of the pieces of information that I needed wasn't provided to me until last night. Called and emailed it into my CPA. (I'm sure that he just loved that...note: this is said with sarcasm). Worked this morning, then went to CPA's office to pick up the returns. Stopped off at the post office to be sure to get today's date stamped on the envelopes.

Consequences of putting it all off till the last minute?... Tension headache both yesterday and today, as a result of the stress. Note to self: Next year make sure that I have all of the necessary information, or if I don't, bribe whoever has the information that I need, so that I am not down to the wire with my return. Isn't that a great plan? Who'll volunteer to remind me?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to me, and my hubby.
Happy Anniversary to me, and my hubby.
Happy Anniversary to me, and my hubby.
Happy Anniversary to me, and my hubby.

Imagine if you will that I just sang that song in tune and on key. O.K., so it might take quite an imagination on your part. Nonetheless, today is our 19th anniversary...which is amazing, because I will only admit to being 25 years old :~D

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Don't Wish Your Life Away

I just added a countdown timer to my blog (yeah me for figuring it out!). I'm clearly counting down the days until Summer Vacation (no school, no packing lunches, no homework for Ten and Twelve, and no work for me, unless I work summer school...but I won't think of that right now). I can't seem to wait until this school year from h*ll is over. And believe can't be over soon enough. Which brings me to the point of this blog...

When I was younger, I couldn't wait for my birthday to come (unlike now, when I really can wait, and wait, and wait...I mean hey, who's in a rush to get older?...certainly not me!). Back then, I would wish that the months, weeks and days would rush by so that the big day would get there ASAP. My parents used to tell me to enjoy life and not to wish my life away. At the time all I heard coming from their mouths was "blah blah blah blah".

I think that my parents were trying to tell me to enjoy my youth...because before I'd know it, I would be older with many more responsibilities, and the freedom of youth would be just a memory. I think that they didn't want me to hurry up and grow up. That would mean that they were hurrying up and getting older (at some point that loses its allure). But to me as a kid... that was the whole point. I would have a birthday, get presents, grow older and become more independent.

Now I am older (not necessarily wiser, but definitely older) and I notice that some days, weeks, months seem to just fly by. I mean, how is it already the middle of April 2007...wasn't it just turning 2000 and everyone was worrying about Y2K? Time certainly has started to move more quickly...sometimes rushing by at supersonic speed. Unless I am having a crummy day at work...then it seems to slow down to a snail's pace. This extraordinarily stressful school year has slowed down to a snail's crawl. And I find myself wishing for it to hurry up and be over.

So this morning, I decided to put a countdown ticker on my blog. One that will help me visualize how soon this school year will be over. I just can't help it...As much as I would like to stop and smell the roses...I am ready for the stress of my job to be least until next year. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to wish my life away...I just want certain aspects of my life to hurry up...I guess I want all of the good and none of the bad, but can you really blame me? Do you ever catch yourself wishing your life away?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Something to Remember

This morning, while in the shower, I had a brillant idea for a post for today. It was a whole conversation that I had with myself, including pros and cons for whatever was the topic. Here's the problem... since I don't have computer access in the shower, or the bathroom for that matter, (how archaic), I forgot what I wanted to say before I was able to get to the computer. I seem to be experiencing that a lot these days.

Thoughts, ideas, whole conversations that I have with myself seem to just disappear into thin air. Vanished. Gone. Kaput. All that I am left with, is a nagging feeling that I knew what I wanted to say and the frustration that I can't for the life of me refire those brain cells, so that I can remember. I am even more exasperated when I think that if I was just 20 years younger...I would have remembered what I wanted to say.

Twenty years ago, I was single. I had to worry about 3 cats, 1 dog, and myself. The stresses that I had back then were different than now (but they were stresses nonetheless). Back then, I worried about paying my bills each month, keeping my car running, and whether or not I would ever fall in love and get married. (that was a big worry, one that I lost a lot of sleep over). Twenty years ago, I was able to keep weight off with no thought at all, I could stay up late at night and not be totally wiped out in the morning, and I could do nothing all day...if that's what I wanted to do.

These days I am hanging on to twenty extra pounds and none of the pounds consist of any brain cells...if I stay up too late at night, my body is begging for a nap the next day, and these days there is so much for me to do (being a wife, mother, caregiver for my mother) that I rarely have any time to do nothing.

Which brings me back my original statement...which, what was it? Hold on a minute, wait I remember, no really, give me a's right there on the tip of my tongue I know what I wanted to say ...oh, never mind...I give up...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Is It Summer Vacation Yet?

Well after a particularly rotten week at work, the numbers are in and it is official...I have 48 days left to work until summer vacation. That's 48 days of being overworked, underpaid, stressed out, unappreciated as well as any other negative comment you can come up with. Forty-eight days of unreasonable demands, disorganized office staff, mountains of paperwork, and paychecks that even my CPA and the IRS can't seem to make heads or tails of. (is that what's called a dangling participle?)

Don't get me wrong, there are aspects of my job that I truly love, such as: working with kids, helping kids, talking with kids, um did I mention that I love the kids aspect of my job? It is just all of the other b*llsh*t stuff that I can't stand.

Why don't I just quit? Well, while I can admire Patches courage in quitting a thankless job from hell, I am not quite as courageous. In addition, I have so much time invested in this job that I would have to be nuts to give up my future retirement which, at this point in time, still includes life-time medical insurance. Of course the district that I work for keeps trying to take away our life-time medical insurance. My guess is that if that happened, I would quit and work for a district closer to my house (that retirement system thing again). or, I could just say the hell with it all and open a private practice and not deal with bureaucratic b*llsh*t.

Until such time, unless I read my calendar wrong, I have 48 days to hang in there until summer vacation. Unless I end up working summer school... Which would be nuts...right?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Question of Etiquette

I have a question. I think it's a serious question, although it doesn't rank up there with questions that will change the world, or even change someone's life. But depending on the answer, it could change the way I do things.

Sometimes when I read other people's blogs, I'll notice a comment made in their blog comment section from a blogger that I've never noticed, or read, before. If the comment piques my interest, I will go visit their blog and read what they have to say.

Now when someone puts a blog on their blogroll, I assume (I hope correctly) that they are saying to fellow bloggers, "These are the blogs that I enjoy reading...go visit them, I hope that you enjoy them too". But what happens when it's an interesting comment that draws you to someones blog? Is it o.k. to comment on that blog too? Do you need to ask permission from the person who's blog contained the comment? You know something like "Hi _____, I noticed that you received a comment from _____. I clicked on their name, and really enjoy what their blog is about. Would you mind if I comment on their blog as well, or do you want to keep them all to yourself? Do comments become the property of the blogger?

Before you think that I am totally whacked out...I am asking this question, because my sister, mentioned early on in blogging that she wanted to keep some of the blogs that she found in her search through blogland, to herself. I can totally understand her feelings on this matter, since she had to put up with me following her around when we were younger. So I figure she doesn't want me "dogging" her footsteps now that we are adults. As a result, when I see someone new in her comment section, I read their comment, but I don't click on their link.

Me, on the other hand... being the younger sister, doesn't mind if my sister, or anyone else for that matter were to comment on everyone's comments from my blog. I enjoy reading all of your blogs, so my assumption is that you would all enjoy each others blogs. But, since I am fairly new to blogging, I would like to know what is the proper etiquette? Do people even care? I just want to be sure because I wouldn't want anyone to feel that I am "dogging" them, or stepping on their toes.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cause for Celebration!

Three months ago, around the time that I started this blog, my dog Amber needed to have surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament (the one that goes across the knee) on her right leg. (Amber had had this surgery on her left leg just 15 months before, so we knew what to expect this time). Today, Amber went in to the orthopedist for her last check-up and was pronounced healed enough to now be able to play with her doggie friends at the park. Yeah!

Since dogs, like people only have two knees and since Amber has now had both knees repaired, I figured that we are D.O.N.E. with this doctor. As I was thanking the Doctor who performed the surgery, I told both the doctor and the office staff, that while I appreciate all that they had done for my dog, I hope that I never see any of them again. This earned quite a chuckle.

This brought me back to a similar conversation that I had 16 years ago. Only that conversation was not between me and a orthopedic vet, that conversation was between me and an oncologist. Sixteen years ago, I was told that I had ovarian cancer (my CA-125, the marker for ovarian cancer was over 1,000 (one thousand)....that is bad...very, very, bad). I had a huge abdominal mass, and I was told that they were unable to see my left ovary on an MRI or CAT Scan or whatever tests they used at the time.

I was scheduled for surgery and was referred to a gynecological oncologist. Doctor L. was a really nice man and we had a long conversation. Doctor L. took his time answering my questions, and I felt very comfortable with him as a person. As we got off the phone, I remember saying to Dr L. "I've enjoyed talking to you, and I'm sure that you're a wonderful oncologist and a very nice man but I hope that after the surgery, I never see you again... he said that he hoped the same thing. Fortunately the 3 1/2 pound mass that was removed from my abdomen was NOT cancer.

I haven't thought about Dr L. or that time in my life for a very long time. There's been no need to revisit the horror of those two weeks between diagnosis and the actual surgery. And yet, here I am, sixteen years later having a conversation with my dog's vet, and the memory was triggered...isn't that weird?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Same Senario...Different Results

Yesterday I wrote about how greatful I was that my sister was able to help me out with Ten's doctor appointment. It made me remember another time, not too long ago, only it wasn't a request for help from my sister, instead, the request for help was asked of my sister-in-law, with very different results.

Six years ago, Twelve was six and Ten was just four. My father was in the hospital dying. I asked my sister-in-law if she could possibly watch Twelve for me (remember Twelve was only six) for a few hours in the afternoon, so that I could spend time with my mother and sister at the hospital dealing with what was happening to my father. Ten (who was four) was in preschool at the time. Well my SIL who always talked about how important family was and that she would do anything for her family...told me that she couldn't possibly watch Twelve/Six for me because she had to go shopping for baby furniture with her boyfriends daughter-in-law.

I had to take Twelve/Six with me to the hospital every afternoon, and dd had to sit with my mother, my sister and I in the waiting room playing games and coloring, while my mom, sis, and I took turns visiting with my dying father. This went on for a few weeks. Never once from the time that my father entered the hospital until the day he died, did my SIL ever offer to help out. Six years later, I still haven't forgiven the bitch!

Monday, April 9, 2007

It Was Sister To The Rescue!

Today was my first day back at work (boo hiss) since my week long vacation (vacation=yeah!). It was quite hellicious (I don't know if I spelled this correctly or not). Yesterday I spent much of the morning writing reports for two meetings that I had knew were scheduled for this morning. I figured that the first meeting, this morning, would start at 8:30 and the second one at 9:30, and I would have no problem leaving at 10:30 to pick up Ten to take him for a recheck with the orthopedist. (he broke his wrist 1 1/2 years ago at a Basketball clinic).

WRONG!!!!!!! First meeting was scheduled for 8:30am. Second meeting wasn't even scheduled to start until 10:45. Oh what is a part-time working mother to do??????? Call her sister, of course! I called dear old sis (although I am sure that she would not appreciate that I used the word "old" in a description of her). Thank goodness that she is retired and was available to take Ten to the appointment! Which she did.

I really, really, really appreciate that she saved my sanity and helped keep my stress level from skyrocketing through the roof! If she was not available, I would have had to tell the school to cancel the meeting, and eight other people would have been very inconvienced. Mind you, if dear old sis (there I go using that word again) hadn't come to the rescue, that's just what I would have done...after all my kids are more important to me than the eight people that I would have royally pissed off. Thankfully, I didn't have to go down that road.

I took Sis out to lunch to thank you think that's enough?

Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Time Has Come's over, done, finished. Yep, I 'm talking about my vacation. The one that I was soooooo looking forward to. It's Sunday and I have spent the whole morning writing up reports that are due tomorrow at 8am. I can already feel the tension as it re-works it's way into my shoulders. I can feel my neck tighten up. I can feel my mind filling with work related issues. Yuck!

The good news is that Ten and darling hubby are at a basketball game, Twelve is busy watching a movie, and as soon as I finish blogging, I am taking my stressed out body upstairs and I am going to redirect the stress into decluttering mode. I am pumped up. I am ready to tackle the remaining junk on my desk top...I will not come up for air until I can actually see the top of the desk! I don't just mean a portion of the desk...but ALL OF IT! I can do it!!! (I hope)...

Friday, April 6, 2007

A Bounce To My Step

The other night (actually it was last weekend) I took Ten with me to pick up dinner at a local Mexican Food restaurant. The "pick up" area of this restaurant is...where else...yep you guessed the bar. So, Ten and I moseyed on into the bar to pick up our order. A man walked up to Ten and I and offered to buy me a drink. My initial reaction was...Why is this guy offering to buy me a drink, I'm married? Then, I felt weird. Then, I felt flattered. Then, I politely declined his offer of a drink. But, you know, it's been a long time since a strange man offered to buy me a drink...and I noticed that despite my initial discomfort, when I walked out of the restaurant with Ten I had a bounce to my step.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

It's Thursday...Already

Can it really already be Thursday? I could swear that it was just last week, and I was looking forward to having a week off from work. Now it's Thursday, and my week off is almost over (sigh).

I'm already starting to stress about all of the things that I have to do next week. I'm stressing about two reports that I need to get written by Monday morning. Normally, I would write them at night, but I just found out that I won't be paid for any extra work this week, so I am less inclined to spend my vacation time writing them. But if I don't write them, there will be a big problem come Monday morning. Oh what to do...what to do?

One week vacation is definitely not enough! By the time I am able to wind down and relax (for all of 5 minutes) it's time to start gearing up to return to work. That's part of the reason that I decided to go into the field of Education. I wanted summer's off. So ask me, how many Summer's I've actually taken off? Well, one summer I went backpacking through Europe...but for the most part, it seems that every year, I end up working summer school. And while Summer School only lasts 4-6 weeks, it's still 4-6 weeks.

This year, I would love to not work during the summer, but despite what many people may think...I don't get paid when I don't work. That means, 11 weeks without pay. That's a long time to not earn any money (especially since I just paid $3,600 for my dog's TPLO surgery). If I knew that I would actually accomplish things if I didn't work summer school, then I wouldn't fear is that if I don't work in the summer... I won't have accomplished anything, and I'll feel that I have wasted a summer. What's the point in that?

Of course, I could just continue to procrastinate on filling out the summer school application, and not work by default. Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Some Vacation This Is

I'm on vacation...and I'm exhausted. Cooked all weekend, that is when I wasn't attending Ten's baseball games (Friday night and Sunday afternoon). Had 11 people over to my house last night for dinner, and earlier in the day I had taken Ten to get braces. Then I spent all day today on a field trip with Ten's class.

Somehow despite all of this activity, I have managed to throw out two garbage bags full of "junk" from the top of my desk. Wish I could say I've made a dent in the clutter. The desk looks a little bit better, but I still can't see the desk top. To top it all off, I've neglected to visit "blogland" and it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do. I need a vacation from my vacation to get things done...