Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Unhinged Door - Update

Here's the update...

1. Poor attitude + disrespect = Door unhinged.

2. Door unhinged + time to realize that she blew it = 180 degree turn in attitude .

3. 180 degree turn in attitude + all three extra credit assignments completed = door will be returned.

By the way...did I mention that the visit to the teaching zoo won't happen until a week from this Saturday? It's going to be a long week! C'est la vie!


Renee said...

Glad to see that the missing door worked. I hope the missing door keeps her stewing until she can complete all the extra credit.

I got into big trouble for stuffing my junk under my bed. My father assumed that I had done the stuffing so I could go on a Church trip. The fact was the junk was from LONG before the trip and I just never got around to putting it where it belonged. Anyway after the punishment I NEVER put ANYTHING under my bed again. Of course that punishment isn't legal in most states anymore. (got the tar beat out of me & my bed was taken away until I cleaned up the mess.

Renee said...

oh yeah, I came to explain why DD sleeps in so late...since we homeschool she stays up late. Usually later than me. Last night I think it was about 12am when she fell asleep, but I can't be sure because I zoned out at 10!

Unless we need to be somewhere in the morning, I let her keep her own schedule. We do school after she has breakfast or brunch or lunch...whatever you wanna call her first meal. lol

I don't believe in schedules but DD adjusts to a schedule when we need one very well.

Patti said...

It took me an hour, more or less, to finally get to the comment section. Now I forgot what I was going to say. Haha.
Oh yes, I think you did great following through with the door unhinging.

Wondering how husband and Ten have reacted to your remodeling?

Or are they just keeping away from the whole situation, like in another county?

Lynn said...

Renee - She is sooooo hating the unhinged door! Glad to hear that Darly is not sick, just following her own "body rhythms".

Patti - Hubby is very supportive of the remodeling project. He somehow worked it out with Twelve to leave the door in her room instead of taking it downstairs to the garage. As for Ten...he's a typical brother, so he want to know why the door is off, and he keeps asking Twelve... over and over and over again!

meno said...

You are awesome! I have been encouraging a freind of mine to try this with her attitude-challenged 15 year old. Maybe i'll send her to read this.

Should be an interesting week at your house.

patches said...

Removing the door from the hinges is absolutely inspired. Creativity is a necessary parenting skill.

The Missus heard the following tale about a father having trouble with his teenage daughter. Apparently, there were house rules regarding boys that she neglected to follow. The father went to her bedroom door with a circular saw and cut the door in half. He allowed her to keep the top of the door, and confiscated the bottom half. He accomplished this without yelling, pleading or threatening. He told that once she learned how to behave like a mature, responsible fifteen year-old, he'd return the rest of her door.

I know this doesn't offer anything helpful in the advice department, but I thought the story was rather amusing. BTW, the father worked at a door manufacturing facility.

Lynn said...

Meno - Thanks for the support. 24 hours down...8 more days to go.

Patches - Wonder why he allowed her to keep the top of the door and not the bottom...and that he worked at a door manufacturing facility cracked me up!

Pam said...

Good for you for doing what you said you'd do! Sometimes it's sort of like punishment for the parents too because we have to deal with who's receiving the punishment, and that's no picnic. (Which is probably the main reason being a consistent parent is difficult!) Glad 12 is gaining some perspective...

And Renee, we homeschooled too for several years. I loved not being on a schedule and so did my kids. It was a fun time for us -- some great memories!