Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Need A Vacation

I am so stressed out at work that I can hardly think straight. This has been an emotionally challenging week and I just can't wait for it to be over... my mother keeps telling me not to wish my life away...I'm not, I'm just wishing this particular week away. I definitely need a vacation! Fortunately, I will be off of work next week. Nothing special planned since Ten and Twelve's vacation does not coincide with mine. (phooey)

The door has been ceremoniously rehinged. Twelve certainly put forth the effort to study for the Science test and earned the door back. I told her that I am proud of her effort. When I asked her how the test went today, she said that it was really easy. (amazing what studying can accomplish!) I really don't care what grade she gets now on her Science test, although it would be nice for Twelve to be rewarded with a good grade on the test, since she actually studied for it. Hopefully Twelve learned something this week, and hopefully it will stay with her. As for will not be Friday soon enough!


Patti said...

Happy to hear you had a rehinging in your household.
Lucky you on vacation next week! Enjoy the time to yourself. It will be just what the doctor ordered.

only oldest said...

don't give up kiddo, it's bound to get better.

Patti said...

Only oldest doesn't have a blog?
What's up with that?

patches said...

It may actually be to your advantage that your vacation doesn't coincide with the kids. This is an opportunity for you to have a little quiet "me" time to recharge your batteries.

Tell Ten thanks for the suggestion. The Missus is looking into it!

Joan said...

Twelve has door again...yeah! I agree with's not the test grade that's's the effort! And, as far as your horrible week, remember someone's brilliant words...breathe in, breathe out!

Renee said...

Buy yourself some tea...check out some good books from the Library. Sit back and relax all week...turn off the phone too. hee hee

have a nice week off and Friday is only a day away.

Lynn said...

Patti - I may have time off next week, but I will hardly have too much time to myself...Ten has an orthodontist appt Monday morning, a Field trip (I'm driving) on Tuesday, a minimum day on Wed., so 8:15-12:15 is designated as a day all for me, Thursday I am "reading" in Ten's classroom and Friday the kids are off. That puts alot of pressure on Wednesday morning! BTW Only Oldest does have a blog...don't know why she signs in without the link.

Only Oldest - I'm hanging in there, barely.

Patches - See what I wrote to Patti. If we come up with any other gift ideas, we'll let you know.

Joan - I am trying to breathe in and out, but I am so stressed that it seems I am hyperventaliting!

Renee - I have some herbal tea that I just love to drink...have some good books to, don't mind screening phone calls...but would be difficult to stay away from that! lol

Pam said...

I hope you find some time to relax... you deserve it!!

Patti said...

please don't give up blogging next week - we'd miss you

Lynn said...

Pam - I will work very hard to find time to relax.

Patti - Aw shucks...that's nice...I think I would be very stressed out if I didn't blog :~)

Renee said...

I don't see myself as all that organized, but apparently I have something going on where I keep it all straight. LOL it boggles my mind.

re the car. We WONT be using that shop again. and we wouldn't have used them this time but the place we normally take it to couldn't fix the front headlight where the deer smashed it in.