Monday, March 26, 2007

Still Unhinged

Here's the most recent door update. Twelve completed (although reluctantly) all three of the extra credit projects (it turned out we had to go to the teaching zoo this weekend, because the quarter ends this coming Friday, and the extra credit stuff needed to be in before then). Twelve turned in all of the papers/receipts which served as proof today. (I think her Science teacher was surprised!).

Twelve had quite the attitude last night when I told her that I expected that she would attend the Science study session today after school. ("I'm not going"..."Oh yes you are"...was the theme). You would think that she'd want to attend since getting the door back now "hinges"(groan) on how much effort she puts into her Science test.

Checked my calendar during work this morning...realized Twelve had a doctor's appointment right after school today (doop!). Had to e-mail Twelve's 7th period teacher to ask him to please let her know that she would not be able to attend the Science study session today and that I would pick Twelve up from school.

Twelve looked none to happy that I was parked right in front of the school to pick her up today (too bad!)...but I did detect a smug look on her face...who could blame her, since she ended up getting her way (which was to NOT attend the study session)? Twelve knows that I expect her to study for the test on Wednesday. Fortunately for me, Twelve has an acting class that she takes on Tuesday nights, and she loves this class. I told her that if I ask her questions from the study guide tomorrow afternoon, and she is unable to answer them, she will not be allowed to go to her acting class tomorrow night.

Currently, she is upstairs "studying"...I hope she gets her science grade soon... a lot "hinges" on it.


meno said...

Oh you are so mean! Good going mom!

I wish it wasn't such a struggle though. Sigh.

Joan said...'re getting really good at being really tough. I'm proud!

Patti said...

Lynn...welcome to the Mean Mother Club.

patches said...

It takes a lot of fortitude to stick to your guns. I admire your resourcefulness.

Does Twelve have any difficulty focusing or staying on target in other subjects?

Lynn said...

Meno - I wish it wasn't such a struggle too! No one warned me about how hard it would be, until I had already had children...not that I would have been deterred.

Joan - Was mom this tough?...or were we just angels?...funny, I don't seem to remember giving her such a hard time.

Patti - When my kids complain about how mean I am, I tell them "It's my job!".

Patches - Twelve has absolutely no difficulty focusing or staying on target with things that interest, magazines, movies, books. It's the things that don't interest her, such as Science that she chooses not to focus on.

Renee said...

Wear that "Mean Mom" badge with're among some of the best here.

I hope that 12 finds that science can be fun...I always loved it, even with the very cranky teacher that I had. LOL

re: cleaning the oven to heat the house. I've heard that many folks have used the oven as a heat source before...I did it once when we were staying at an appartment that had not switched their system to heat yet. So I figured kill two birds with one stone. Unfortunately we have a big house, so it only heated a small area...but it was better than nothing. I don't wanna see the electric bill though. LOL

Pam said...

Glad you've got a nice, full arsenal of things to use for incentive when she needs the nudge. Good job -- it's hard to stick with it but it sounds like you're not backing down!

only oldest said...

good going Lynn. Yes your mom was tough. Scared me more than a few times with her severity but she was also a loving Aunt and still is.

As I said in my E-mail, just think you have at least 6 more years of this. You should have great muscles if you keep moving the door.

Lynn said...

Renee - I loved science too... can't understand why Twelve doesn't.

Pam - It does feel good to know that I know what is important to Twelve...and that I am able to use it as motivation, if necessary.

Only Oldest - Some people get gray hairs from their children...looks like I'm going to get great biceps, from Twelve at least.