Monday, March 19, 2007

Fraud Alert - Update

Called the credit card company and spoke with "Julie" in the fraud division. Julie asked me when the fraudulent charges started. I told her the date on the current bill and asked her to please check our previous bill as my dh had also complained last month about the size of the bill, but no longer had a copy. Sure enough out of 8 charges last month, 5 were fraudulent. Then had her check the month before that and all was well. "Julie" told me that she would send out some paperwork, which I should receive in 7-10 days, and that we should also be receiving our new credit cards about that time.

I then asked "Julie", how, if we both still had our credit cards, and neither of us ever go inside the gas station, but instead opt to use the "slidey thingy" at the pump, how someone could steal our credit card information. She told me that the theives are very sophisticated and they have something that they put into the "slidey thingy" which "reads" the information from the last credit card's that for technology?


patches said...

It's a good thing that you an dh scrutinized your bill, since scamming cards has become so common. It's good reminder for everyone to get that free credit report each year to stay on top of identity theft. I like the convenience of technology, but I detest the lack of security.

Renee said...

My DH checks every charge against the recepits...I get in trouble if I loose or misplace a receipt. But knock wood we haven't had a problem.

I was worried when you first posted that someone had swipped your account from the card reader. They showed on TV once how they had put a plastic sleve in the machine that would make a copy of your card...but they would have to be there to retreve it... I think for this one they must have put some sort of transmitter so it sends the magnetic info to them.
I hope it clears quickly...and more than that I hope they're able to catch the crooks.

BTW: Lilly is wearing one of Darly's tutus. It's ribbons tided to elastic with fabric roses glued to the ends of the ribbons. It made Lilly look a lot like a clown.

Joan said...

Since my first encounter with fraud two years ago, I've been checking our charge bills every month looking for suspicious activity. So far, everything has seemed fine but it never hurts to be diligent. Glad to hear the company will take care of everything!

Patti said...

That's good it is being taken care of.
At the gas station I use the SpeedPass thing, not the card swipe thingy.
Don't know if thieves can do anything with that.

Lynn said...

Patches - I must sheepishly admit that I don't always scrutinize my statements that well, if the bill is in approx. what I think it would be, from now on I will!

Renee - A smart man, your dh. I keep shoving receipts into the bottom of my purse...I better dig them you happen to have a shovel I could borrow? lol

Joan - Now I guess I will have to check and recheck and check again all of the charges to my accounts.(sigh)

Patti - Actually, I heard a piece on the news about the "Speed passes" and how easy it is for theives can "capture" the information from them. Unfortunately, not being a thief, and not really paying attn. to the story (since I don't have a Speedpass), I am unable to provide you with more detailed info.

Pam said...

Dang, a slidy-thingy-data-retreiver/stealer-ma-bob... What will they think of next??

Glad things are getting resolved and glad to know the tidbit about yet another new way for our info to be stolen.

sari said...