Monday, February 5, 2007

What Does It Mean?

Yesterday I noticed that everytime I wanted to comment on someone's post, that I was required to type in a group of letters in order to verifiy that I am indeed a human being and not a computer. It must have been a slow thought day because I started wondering why these group of letters looked like an alien alphabet? I mean what exactly does "xztpvq" and "zqgxxy" mean?


Renee said...

LOL! I had one day where the word verification was stuck and everywhere I went it was the same word...others were getting the same word too.

The only wedding that I've been in was my own and I haven't even been to very many other weddings. So I'm thrilled that DD gets to be a flower girl...she was worried that she is getting too old...she'll be 9 when it happens. But I think the whole age thing has been thrown out the window...yay!

RC said...

my wife ALWAYS gets frusterated because that alien alphabet seems to usually take her a couple of tries.

--RC of

only oldest said...

i was wondering also but I just figured it was on my computer. silly me.

sari said...

Even if I can see it, I type it wrong.

But if I don't have the word verification on, I get spam comments so I put it on. Sorry!

Joan said...

Since I know so little about computers, my philosophy is "if something is there, it's usually there for a good reason" so I enabled word verification. Besides I like the alien fingers usually produce alien words whether I mean to or not.

Lynn said...

Renee - Tell your DD that I would be honored to be a flower girl, and I am so not 9 years old!!!!!LOL

RC - Tell your wife, I feel her frustration. My fingers just don't seem to want to type such strange letter combinations.

Only Oldest - Clearly this runs not only in the family, but outside the family too!

Sari - I tend to type it wrong too...although one would think any alien type combination should suffice:~)I'm not complaining about the word verification process, I think that it is a very valuable tool to keep spam away...It was just an observation of mine. BTW, I never could find the Letterman/Oprah commerical on the internet :~(

Joan - And may your fingers continue to produce alien words on your brand new laptop!