Friday, February 16, 2007

They're Calling My Name

Feel like I just hit the "mother lode"! The principal at one of my schools is a voracious reader (he says he reads about 3 books per weekend). He has decided to start a "lending library" among the teachers at the school. I happened to stumble across this "library" while at work today. Found three books to borrow...(no way I will able to read them all before I return to the school in one weeks time, but the librarian suggested that I take all three and just bring them back when I'm finished). I always carry a book with me and read whenever I can (sitting in the car waiting for Ten to get out of school, sitting in the car waiting for Ten or Twelve to be finished with some activity, or sometimes at recess/nutrition at one of my many schools, if I'm not too busy)...I'm currently reading the new Nelson DeMille book "Wild Fire" and can't seem to put it down. Hopefully I will find, or make the time to finish it this weekend...after all, three books are calling my name.


Joan said...

I'm so curious...what are the three books which are waiting for you? Are they titles I might want to read? Of course, they'd sit next to my bed in a big pile until I managed to get through the 4 books already there.

patches said...

Please give us an update. Mr Hombre reads Nelson Demille regularly. Missus Chica reads too sometimes juggling more than one at a time. Some books require a partner to balance things out. She's reading Great Expectations (Dickens) and rereading Running with Scissors (Burroughs). Artsy types, go figure. BTW, enjoy indulging this weekend.

sari said...

I always have a big stack of books "waiting" for me as well.

I just can't pass up a book though, they're my weakness. Even my boys know, every time we go to the bookstore, they leave with a book. We've got loads of them around here.

Lynn said...

Joan - They're all Katherine Coulter books...don't know if she's a good writer or not...but the books sounded interesting.

Patches -Let's just say that I am trying to comment and read the DeMille book at the same time...I just don't want to put it down!

Sari - My kids always want "gift cards" from bookstores for their birthdays. They love buying books, although now Twelve is more interested in buying magazines.

Renee said...

I've got a book calling to me too. I love to read...when I can.

The cookie thing wouldn't be quite as bad if it weren't for the nature of our Troop.

We have a troop that is made up of families from our Homeschooling group. one family lives in Lakewood, two in Highlands Ranch and two in Parker (my town). The meetings are held in Englewood (originally in Lone Tree, because that's where the first Leader lived.) the first Leader was supposed to be our cookie director, but she had some family issues come up and had to find someone else to do it. No one else offered and I really wanted to do cookies. So I'm doing it. But since our Troop is in the other service unit area, I have to get our cookies from that area's cupboard...which of course is in the next town. I think I might suggest for next year that if we want to do cookies, that we switch to my neighborhood or that someone who lives over there do it...I'll be happy to help of course. But this driving is nuts and it isn't making DH happy.

Lynn said...

Renee - With the price of gas the way it is, I imagine that it is also expensive driving from your town to another to pick up the cookies.