Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I Don't Need No Stinkin' Reading Glasses!

I don't know how anybody can stand to work full time! I enjoy working 4 hours and 45 minutes five days/week, (as long as I need to work, this beats 8 hours 5 days/week). I start my work day anytime between 7am and 7:30am (actually I don't need to get there until 7:50 but I like to get there early) and I leave work by 12:30pm. My dh gets the kids ready and off to school every morning, and I am there to pick them up every afternoon. Well, these past two days I have had to work until 3pm. Now if you currently work 9-5, please don't jump all over me! I chose the field of education because I enjoy working with kids, and I liked the hours (I didn't pick the field of education for the "fabulous" pay)...but I am a part-time employee, receiving part-time pay (that is when I actually receive my pay check, see previous post) work day should end at 12:30, that is what my brain registers on a daily basis. So when I had to attend meetings, both yesterday and today, and I didn't get to leave at the regular time...I ended up with a rip-roaring headache. Now I figure that this headache must be from working those extra hours. I figure this headache is in NO WAY related to the fact I have been straining my eyes everytime I try to read something. Can I help it if all of a sudden the light is not bright enough? Can I help it if all of a sudden the fonts on all written material is suddenly too small? Can I help it if my arms suddenly don't seem long enough? NO! I can't help it! My headache is here because I had to work extra hours...(this is my story and I'm sticking to it!) There is no way that I need reading glasses...I mean...reading glasses...aren't they for old people?


Joan said...

Welcome to middle-age...yes, middle age. And now that you're here, would you like me to tell you about all the other things you have to look forward to???

Renee said...

It happens to the best of us. DH was warned when he had the lasik that he would probably need reading glasses after he turned 40, he was 39 at the time. But he's still doing pretty good. My eyes aren't as fast as they used to be either.

Re: blogger...I'm still on OLD Blogger...before Beta. happy dancing.

Lynn said...

Joan- That's right, you are my OLDER sister...Be Gentle, but please share with me what else do I have to look forward to...only good things...right???

Renee- Great, so now not only are my eye deteriorating but clearly so is my brain...I thought the Old Blogger was Beta...If the new blogger is beta then what is the old it just called "Old Blogger" or "Alpha Blogger"?

meno said...

Yep, they are for old people.

Better get some. Like mine.

patches said...

At least you won't have to juggle two pair or do the bifocal trick. Mister Hombre gloats after every physical that he still doesn't need glasses (@54). Missus Chica rolls her eyes (near-sighted) and gives him the finger!

Lynn said...

Meno- Thanks I'm not just middle age...I'm OLD. (boo hoo)

Patches- Actually I'm near sighted too, and just two short months ago I bought new glasses (amazingly my reading vision was perfect at that time) alas, while I won't have to do the bifocal trick, I will have to do the "juggling the glasses" trick. Oh boy, what fun!

only oldest said...

How can you look me in my eyes which have been wearing glasses for 58 years and tell me, the one born 13 years ahead of you that you are old???

sari said...

This is one long link, but look here:

I have the black polka dot glasses and they ROCK! Other 40 year olds wish they looked as good as me in them.

heh heh

No, really, though, I do have those, I love them and they don't look half bad. You can buy them without an rx (though I did have an eye exam first to get the rx right).


sari said...

Oh yeah, and when I went last year to get reading glasses my dad laughed at me and said "You're getting them before I did"

Funny, yeah.

Anonymous said...

It probably is a case of reading glasses but I'm mid-50s and have never had eyestrain. I work for an optometrist two Saturdays a month and do the preliminary visual tests. If someone complains of eyestrain I look for one eye that is not perfectly aligned looking straight ahead. The 'misaligned' eye, which very often can not be detected just looking at someone, has to work harder to read or work at the 'puter. It actually gets worn out trying to focus on something. This can lead to eyestrain. Be sure to mention this on your next eye doctor visit.

Lynn said...

Only Oldest - How can I look you in the eyes... Well, if I want to see you clearly and you're standing too close to me, I can't.

Sari - Those eyeglasses look awesome! Last time I checked, the 1.0 was too strong for me, but the way my eyesight seems to be deteriorating so rapidly, I'll go check again. As for your father...evidently HIS mother never told him "if you don't have something nice to say...don't say anything at all". lol

Anonymous - Thanks for the info. I'll definitely mention this to my optometrist... next time I "see" him...pun intended. lol