Tuesday, February 27, 2007

All's Well

Twelve had a great time on the field trip, and returned safe and sound. Picked up Girl Scout cookies and now get to deliver them....happy, happy, joy, joy!


Renee said...

Our cookie deliveries went really well. Most people were super excited to get their cookies. Although today I didn't bring the cookies for one of my very last deliveries. Bummer! I don't know when I'll see her next.

Glad the field trip went well. Hug your kiddo as much as she lets you.

Joan said...

I'm glad Twelve enjoyed her field trip...and she returned home safely.

Oh boy...cookie delivery! I sure hope you remember what I ordered because I don't have a clue! I do, however, remember I did not order 100 boxes! No way, no how!!!

Patti said...

I was waiting to hear that she was back safe and sound!

I bought Girl Scout cookies but we won't get them until March 14. :(

Lynn said...

Renee - Usually the cookie deliveries go well...it's just the one or two individuals who never seem to have any money on them, so I have to keep going back to them and it's a pain.

Joan - Don't you worry about a thing...I have your order right here..You are right! You did not order 100 boxes...you only ordered 95...lol

Patti - When Twelve came home, she had lots to tell me about the bus ride.

patches said...

It always tugs at your heartstrings when they grow up. We want them to be independent, but we want them to need us too. When she quits sharing, you'll have entered the next phase.

only oldest said...

Sorry cus, no cookies for me. I know that because I still can't look at brownies without being tempted, and you know they were always my favorites.

Our next family holiday is still going to be interesting!!!

Lynn said...

Patches - I can only hope that she continues to share with me...but that as she gets older she "edits" the information that I, as her mother, would rather not know.

Only Oldest - Notice I didn't offer to sell any cookies to you.