Friday, February 23, 2007

Looking For The Silver Lining

One of the good things about being sick, if one if looking for the silver lining of sickness, is the weight loss. All of my life I have been considered thin, unless I was pregnant…then I was considered well…pregnant. For some reason, completely unbeknownst to me, in the last few years, twenty pounds have found me and I didn’t even know that I was looking for them.

Actually, I wasn’t looking for them, and they didn’t ask if I wanted them… or if they could stay. One day (yeah right) I stepped on the scale and YEOOOOOW the number was 20 lbs more than the day before. Honestly.

Well this morning, after feeling lousy for a few days, I got on the scale and six , yes six pounds were off the scale. I felt happy. I felt ecstatic. I still felt sick... but perversely a happier sick. It was almost as if it had been was worth being sick...notice I said almost. Feeling lousy for a few days suddenly seemed like a small price to pay to see a number that I haven’t seen in a while. Unfortunately I know that as soon as I start to eat again, those six pounds will somehow find me. Unless I can find a new home for them... any volunteers?

p.s. If you haven't already done so, please stop by The Erstwhile Librarian and wish her a happy birthday!


Renee said...

A little over a year ago I lost 10 lbs from getting really sick. I couldn't eat for a few days and then when I finally could eat, nothing stayed....totally not a recommended way to loose 10 lbs. But they came back. :(

Re: cookie delivery. We got our cookies on Feb 10, and DD & I started delivering our cookies that day. Then I called everyone who ordered and told them the cookies were in and got flooded at Church so most all of our cookies were delivered that first weekend.
I'm very glad that it's almost over...except for the paperwork.

Joan said...

Thanks for the birthday link!

I haven't been sick...I just got on the scale...I know where your six pounds went. Now could you PLEASE get well and take your lousy six pounds back!!!

Lynn said...

Renee - Seems once the pounds are gone, they shouldn't be allowed to come back. Re: Girl Scout cookies, we get our initial delivery next week...and then the fun begins!

Joan - No backsies!

Natalie said...

I found your blog in your sister's blogroll.

I don't understand why the universe insists that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is through healthy eating and exercise. It seems to me it is much simpler to leave the pounds in dimension x when we get sick than to pack them back on. Stupid universe. :p

patches said...

I've always wondered about the logic of the phrase, "lose weight", I thinks "misplaced" is more accurate since I always seem to find it again. Fell better soon!

patches said...

Crap! I meant to say, Feel Better

Julie Q. said...

I don't know what you have, but I hope it's contagious and I can catch it through casual blogging contact. Whenever I get sick, I do the whole feed a fever feed a cold thing and gain weight because I feel so darn sorry for myself.

Hope you get well soon (minus the pounds of course).

Lynn said...

Natalie - Welcome to my blog. I am going to try telling those extra pounds to stay in dimension x and not return! I figure they can stay there until they find their rightful owner...I just have to figure out how to convince those pounds that I am not their rightful owner :)

Patches - So true. Though tell me why when I "misplace" the pounds they FIND ME again, but when I "misplace" my house keys I have to GO SEARCHING for them?

Julie Q. - I think the problem is you are supposed to feed a fever and STARVE a cold... If you want to you can catch what I had through casual blogging...all you have to do is to visualize your food tasting like cardboard:(