Saturday, June 2, 2007

This Is All My Sister's Fault

This is all my sister's fault...and I am putting the blame squarely on her shoulders.

Yesterday, my sister calmly called me to tell me that she got a flat tire and was getting new ones and how thankful she was that it wasn't can read all about it here. Shortly after she spoke to me, my 'check engine' light and my 'TCS' light both came on in my car...not to mention that the night before, I had had to put air in my left rear tire and then I had to put air in the same tire this morning)

I have an appointment 7am Monday morning to take my car in to see what's wrong. I have a feeling, that I will be spending Tuesday morning at the Big Box Store using the coupon that my sister spoke about while getting 4 new tires.

Just when I am committed to NOT working summer school, I can hear the 'kaching' of the cash registers as they take my credit card. (I know cash registers don't even make a sound when you swipe your card, but I think the 'audio' helps make my point.) I guess this means that the kids and I will be spending a lot of time at the beach and pool this summer (I know, not a bad way to spend the summer), and we'll be eating macaroni and cheese, lots and lots of it.

Of course, miracles do could just be that the two engine lights came on because of a problem with the lights and maybe I just didn't put enough air into the tire and I won't really need new tires, and the leprauchans will feel sorry for me that my sister got to go to Ireland and I didn't so they will show me where the pot of gold is... one can only hope.

See...I can look on the bright side too;~D


Renee said...

I hope that all turns out well with your car and that you aren't forced to live on only Mac-n-cheese this summer...but since we are blaming your sister...can we put DD's queezy tummy & my sunburn on her too?

patches said...

I think I likes cars better before the dashboards were equipped with all these fancy dysfunctional warning lights. May the tire genie smile upon you.

patti said...

That's the least those leprechauns can do for you. See any rainbows around?
Sorry to hear about your car troubles.

Ralph said...

The 'TCS' light, I think that is for the Traction Control (which is tied into the ABS braking)...Because the brakes are involved, you must check it out. As for the 'Check Engine' perhaps it is as simple as the gas cap (I failed the CT emissions test, and after I got a new gas cap, the van passed emissions)...Of course, in the northeast, all service places will charge you an hour to do the computer diagnosis before they reset the light...good luck...

Lynn said...

Renee - My sister has broad shoulders, although she is blaming me now for her car Darly feeling any better?

Patches - I liked cars when they were simpler as well.

Patti - No leprechauns in site at the moment...but I am hopeful...after they visit me, I'll send them to your neck of the woods.

Ralph - I knew that the TCS light had to do with the brakes...and I've had bad luck with 'check engine' lights in the I am one nervous woman at the moment. I will be bringing my car in to the dealership Monday morning at 7am. Thanks for wishing me luck...I have a feeling that I may just need it.

ARM said...

Oh no! Hopefully tomorrow morning won't bring you bad car news. I abhor car issues!!!

Michele said...

"Cha Ching"- Oh dear, that Big Box Store is making a killing on this family, isn't it? Heh... well, it might not be as bad as you think. But then, Macaroni and Cheese isn't too bad, a little squirt of Ketchup and you're good to go... oh, it'll be fine... keep us informed!

Lynn said...

Arm - You can even begin to believe how bad it is.

Michele - Cha Cha Cha Ching...Looks like we will be eating only the macaroni!