Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Is It June 2008 Yet?

Alas, by tomorrow morning summer fun will be just a memory. Ten and Twelve go back to school tomorrow (boo hiss...have I mentioned that I hate that they will have homework?), and I start back at work (boo hiss...have I mentioned that I really, really enjoyed not working??)

I have to get up, for the next 3 morning, at 5:30am in order to be ready to leave the house at 6:30 am. For the next three days, I will be sitting in meetings from 8-2:30. (Yuck!). The information given during the next three days will be the same old, same old. sigh

I guess that I should be thankful that I have a job... a job that I love, when I am not being inundated with paperwork. That's a good thing. I feel greatful that I found a profession that I love to be involved in...I just wish that I could play and hang with Ten and Twelve and that none of us had to go to school or work.

I realize that I could homeschool my kids. I just don't think that I have the personality to do that. I would want to play hookey far to often, and then I would get in trouble for not providing the correct number of instructional minutes mandated. Oh, I know that I could turn anything into a learning lesson, but I know that Ten LOVES going to school and playing with his friends, so he wouldn't enjoy being homeschooled. Twelve, on the other hand would probably really enjoy being homeschooled, but for the wrong reasons.

Twelve already went to bed, after reminding me to please wake her at 6am tomorrow. Ten is still up, watching a baseball game with DH. I have to go to bed soon, so that I can wake up early. Is it June 2008 yet?

On another note, Michele at The Rocky Mountain Retreat had a link to this quiz on her blog. I decided that I better try and jump start (or kick start) my brain, and this is how I fared....

I got 24/25 correct. Not bad for a woman who has been off all summer! Go ahead...give this a try...but don't cheat! Let me know how you do;~)


Marsha said...

You could send the kids to school and be a stay at home mom. I hope you have a great day at work. I got 23/25 so it looks like you are smarter than me.

Patti said...

Ah, Lynn school daze are here!
At least you don't have to deal with college stuff yet.

Enjoy the ages that your kids are now.

Patti said...

um... must confess... I did take the quiz and only got 22 -- the math questions messed me up.

Patti said...

P.S. Forgot to add - it should read "Bet you aren't as smart as I," right??

ARM said...

I am going to blame the fact that it is Wednesday morning, because I only got 18 out of 25 correct.

I can't believe that summer is pretty much over already. What happened?

the moose buyer said...

I got 19 out of 25. Like Patti, the math got me. I have always hated math and love calculators.

Shelby said...

math has never been my best talent.

meno said...

I'm too sleepy to take any quiz this morning. I know how you feel about school, except for you it means you have to go back to work too. Ick!

patches said...

The change of season means more than a yard full of leaves and slightly cooler temperatures....You ask if it is June 08 now, but before you know it you will be cinching up your seat belt extra tight and white knuckling the dashboard because Twelve will learning to drive. The passage of time is so incomprehensible at times.

Lynn said...

Marsha - I don't think that I have the personality to be a stay at home mom. As far as work today...all I can say is that I survived.

Patti - I can't imagine dealing with the college stuff, yet.

Patti - The math questions were tricky...just the kind I like.

Patti - I...me...you...they...who knows which is correct...certainly not I. lol

Arm - Wednesday morning is as good an excuse as any. As far as summer...my vacation may be over but the temperature outside is over a 100 degrees...sigh.

The Moose Buyer - Are you sure it was the math? Some of those other problems were tricky too!

Shelby - Wecome to my blog. If math is not your talent...what is?

Meno - You can certainly say "ick" again!

Patches - It's not that I want to rush time...I guess I could have asked if it's June 2007 yet/again. I'm just not ready to return to the routine of school/work. I know that I'll turn around and Twelve will be graduating from H.S. and on her way to college. Heck, she was just starting Kindergarten yesterday, now she's in the eighth grade. I can't imagine having 1 year count as 7 years of life...time must fly for you...or is that only for dogs?

sari said...

I hate back to school for two reasons: I spend less time with my boys and that means that they're already another year older. Even though it's not a "birthday", it's like a rite of passage every time Fall rolls around.

Luc said...

I got the same score! (well a touch lower at 97.2 - I didn't know it was timed and assume that's where the difference is since I got 24/25 too)

Don't know which question I got wrong... Thanks for posting about the quiz - it was fun!