Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cell Phone Woes

To continue with my whining theme, my cell phone is on the fritz. I purchased it (o.k. it was free with my 2 year trade up and corporate discount) 4 months ago. In the past 3 days, it has decided (for clearly it has a mind of it's own) to only allow random calls to ring through. The rest, it is sending to voicemail.

I have been on the phone (land line) and spoken with level 1 techs 4 different times in the last 2 days. I spoke with a level 2 tech today, and I even went into their local store and had a technician update the phone software today. All to no avail.

The phone will allow me to make calls (kinda) but not receive calls. Now tell me...what is the good in that?

Tomorrow, after I take Twelve to register for her classes, Ten, Twelve and I will head over to the phone store and get me a new phone under a "warranty exchange". Fortunately, I have a micro SD card in the phone, so I was able to save all of my pictures and videos onto the SD card. Now I just have to remember to have them transfer my contact list to the new phone, and give me credit for my ringtones.

Am I forgetting anything?


ARM said...

Sounds like you have it all covered! Cell phones shouldn't be doing that shit within 4 months. I'm "grrr"ing for you.

ms chica said...

Sounds like you might have gotten a lemon. I stay a wee bit leery of the newest technology, because when convenience fails, it fails miserably.

Marsha said...

Good luck, what a pain.

Joan said...

Ain't technology grand?!?!? You're lucky...I had to replace my new cellphone within 24 hours of getting it. Since we have the same model, now I'm worried I'll have to replace it yet again in a few months. [sigh]

Ralph said...

We need to get new phones/contracts on Saturday, before Kid1 goes back to the U of Hartford. And I have not had a phone since I gave my company phone back on June 22. I guess that with the 'chair' I need to carry a phone. I don't care about a multi-tasking device, a plain phone is okay. Ever notice how those large cell phones we used about ten years ago seemed to be more reliable than the multiple-function-yet-more fragile units of today were?

Renee said...

one of these days I should get a real cell phone instead of my tcrapfone...but it does what I need it to and doesn't cost much. And since I hate hearing folks walking through the mall chatting away..I guess its a good thing I can't get a signal in there. LOL

I do hope that your issues are cleared up quickly. Otherwise you'll have to tell us what kind of phone it is so we can avoid it too.

thanks for the wishes! it does seem long when you look at the number...but it still seems like yesterday when we got married.

Patti said...

sorry for your troubles - I am no help. But as Ralph said we are getting new phones really soon...I'll let you know how it goes.

the moose buyer said...

your cell and Joan's air conditioning are both on the fritz. I sure hope this isn't something contageous within the family!!!!!

Lynn said...

Arm - Now I think it may have been a problem with the network.

Ms. Chica - It amazes me, that this device that I promised myself was only for emergencies, has now turned to a convenient necessity.

Marsha - Thanks

Joan - I haven't done anything with the phone yet and so far, so good...we'll see how it behaves over the weekend.

Ralph - They sure don't make quality things like they used to!

Renee - People can be so rude when they talk on their cell I want to hear their conversation...sheesh.

Patti - I'm looking forward to hearing what phones you decide on.

The Moose Buyer - I wonder if it's because we took our phones to the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz... Maybe they're 'possessed'.