Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tag...We're It!

I've been tagged by Joan to list 10 interesting habits or facts about me. This is difficult for me to do, because I really don't think that I am all that interesting.
1. I love to read. I always carry a book with me and will use any opportunity to read. (This wasn't always so)
2. I love to break out in song (often off key) whenever I hear words that remind me of a song. (much to the chagrin of Ten and Twelve)
3. I clean the house before anyone comes over.
4. I am very loyal.
5. I'm basically a lazy person (at least when it comes to exercise).
6. Chocolate gives me migraines (boo hiss).
7. I've been a vegetarian 31 years. (that's a lot of years)
8. People tell me that I look younger than my age (and sometime I act younger too)
9. I love to talk to people...I'll talk to anyone and everyone...(on line at the grocery store, a bus boy at a restaurant, a crossing get the picture).

I'm going to stop at nine...if my sister, or anyone else for that matter, wants to come up with a number ten for me, that would be fine. I'm not going to tag anyone, but if someone wants to participate...please let me know. (would #10 be that I only follow the directions that I want to follow?)

Twelve would like to participate (thanks Renee for showing that, that would be o.k.)
Twelve writes:
1. I am a very picky eater.
2. I smell my food before I eat it (so does my mom, but she forgot to mention that)
3. I chew a lot of gum.
4. I love to listen to good music.
5. I like acting and want to be an actress.
6. I have trouble typing the word "frineds" (I know how to spell it, but my fingers don't work that way)
7. I bowled a six-pack (6 strikes in a row) on the Wii.
8. I'm a chocolaholic.
9. I like to hog the computer.
10. I am good at memorizing things.


Patti said...

I just told Joan that you inspired me.
I didn't think I could play the freeze tag game, but I did, after reading your post.

patches said...

I like Twelve's #5. Do you think she's been performing exclusively for you the past few months? BTW, I had you pegged for #4 before I ever read your list.

meno said...

#8, hmm, must be from all that clean livin' as described in #7.

My child and i both burst into song with little or no provocation.

Joan said...

Apparently Mom saved money on singing lessons for both of re mi. And I absolutely agree with Twelve's could you forget to mention that little habit of yours??? :~D

Lynn said...

Patti -Aw Shucks thanks.

Patches - Twelve is quite the drama queen. Wonder how you had me pegged as being loyal.

Meno - I don't know about clean livin'... Doesn't it feel good to burst into song, just because?

Joan - I didn't mention #2, because I'm growing out of that habit and I didn't want to give it any power :~D

Pam said...

Hey, I break out into song all the time too! And off-key as well.

I'm going to start smelling my food before I taste it in hopes that I will look younger... Or maybe I'll give up meat. Or chocolate.

Renee said...

Oh shoot. Darly could have mentioned that she's a picky eater too...very picky! Although this year she did resolve to try new foods. (foods DH eats.)

Nice Tag.

Lynn said...

Pam - Sometimes I hear words and they remind me of a song...I just can't help myself. While it makes me feel good, it embarasses the heck out of Twelve and Ten.

Renee - I used to be a much more picky I prefer to call my tastes "discerning". lol

ARM said...

If Twelve is good at memorizing things, can she come and study for my final next Wednesday for me and then take said final? I have a ton of things to memorize.

Rhea said...

Wow, a vegetarian for all those years. A lot of my friends who are lifelong vegetarians are now eating meat and actually feeling better, more energetic. Not that I'm advocating that...

Pam said...

Hey, embarrassing your kids is part of being a mom and all it's all the more reason to break into song. Just tell them it builds character!

Lynn said...

Arm - Asked her...don't count on her to show up...sorry.

Rhea - I think that being a vegetarian is not for everybody, nor is being a meat eater. Each person has to decide for themselves what is best for them.

Pam - You bet it does!...and boy are my kids characters. LOL