Saturday, May 5, 2007

It's A Matter of Time

DH and Ten were supposed to leave at 10am to go on an overnight adventure, at a wild animal park, with a group called "Trail Blazers" (through the YMCA). Although there are six boys in the tribe, only four were signed up to go to this event. As of yesterday, two of the four boys, and their dads, dropped out.

All week my DH has been telling everyone who would listen, that he and Ten were going to leave "No later than 10am!" The reason he picked 10am is that it is about a 2 hour drive to where they are going, and traffic becomes a nightmare the later you leave. (If it was up to me, I would have left by 8am, but that's just me.)

Here it is, 11am and they just left. Why, you may ask did they just leave, when DH was adamant all week that they were going to leave by 10am? Well, I'll tell you. DH, received a phone call about 9:45 this morning from the one other dad in their tribe, who will be going to the overnight event. The other dad, we'll call him "M" asked if they wanted to drive down together. DH said that he wanted to leave by 10am, and M said they would be by shortly.

So DH and Ten put everything by the front door, and proceeded to wait, and wait, and wait. Phone calls were made to M who kept saying, "we're leaving in a few more minutes". Finally at 10:55am I told hubby that I didn't think that they should wait anymore. I reminded DH that Ten has a baseball game tomorrow at 5pm. The only time that they will have to enjoy the park is today, since they will have to leave early tomorrow in order to avoid the weekend traffic and get back here before Ten's game.

Now it is 11:10 and M who was supposed to be here 1 hour ago, just showed up. I explained that DH and Ten just couldn't wait any more and that they left about 15 minutes ago. If M would have just told DH 1 hour ago that he wouldn't be able to "get it together" to leave until 11am, then DH could have made a decision based on accurate/honest information.

I have no patience for people who are so self-centered that they think the universe revolves around them. These are the very same people who are always late and don't care... they have absolutely no respect for other people. For M to keep DH and Ten waiting because he just couldn't get it together is unfair. For him to show complete disregard for DH's and Tens time schedule, by lying about leaving in a few minutes, when clearly he was nowhere near ready to go pisses me off. I can't stand people like that! I hope he gets eaten by an animal!


Renee said...

I agree that M was a total jerk about this. I'm sure he felt that there was no hurry even though your DH told him that he wanted to leave by 10.
I'm glad your DH left w/o M and I hope he gives M an earfull if they get to meet up at the event.
That would totally tick me off too...this is why when I agree to go with someone, I'm driving...cuz if you aren't there on time, see ya later.

Renee said...

Oh and I've got this illness that I call "Chronic earliness" If I'm not 5 min early then I'm late.

Patti said...

This hit home because in recent months when I have to go somewhere alone I have been running late, it seems. I get angry with myself.

But if someone else were depending on me to pick them up at a certain time that would be a different story.
Then I am on time.

patches said...

I really feel you on this. Members of the Mister's family have the disease of which you speak. They've found themselves waiting at restaurants for forty-five minutes or longer. The Missus just boils over this. These same offenders seem able to make it to jobs at the proper time, but when it comes to family they just blow it off. Well enough about this house...

Hope Ten has a great time on the overnighter. It sounds like a really cool trip.

meno said...

I have no patience for these people either. It's totally inconsiderate and i hope he gets eaten by an UGLY aminal.

Pam said...

I'm with you. Say what you'll do and then do what you say.

Ralph said...

It's a question of basic honesty and trust...if you said that you will be there, and your'e not, you lied. People who are always late have no mitigating reasons, none at all...never

Joan said...

I am absolutely OCD when it comes to getting somewhere on time. I cannot tell you how many times I've sat in my car because I've gotten to someone's house too early to ring the bell. And I expect the same courtesy from others. Lateness, particularly when it affects other people, is simply inexcusable unless there is a real emergency.

Lynn said...

Renee - My DH is way too nice. DH and M saw each other at the event this afternoon and DH acted like it was all o.k. Before I was married, I had that same 'chronic early syndrome'...actually I still have it, unless I'm with DH...for some reason, he can't get it together to ever be early. sigh

Patti - I wonder why it is that we can be late for ourselves, but not for others?

Patches - The level of disrespect served out when one is late is disgusting. Spoke to DH and Ten this evening, and they are having a great time.

Meno - Having given the 'eaten by an animal' some thought, I realize that the poor animal might suffer a horrible case of indigestion or constipation after eating M, since
M doesn't move all that quickly.

Pam - I think the end of that saying is...Otherwise your word means nothing!

Ralph - You're right, he lied...plain and simple.

Joan - We definitely both take after dad on this one;~)

ARM said...

Lateness is something that I have little patience for either. I blame my mother for this, actually. I was always the last kid to be picked up from school things (before I could drive). We were always the last to arrive to any gatherings, etc. Mom lived by her own time. It got to where I would call her an hour before I was going to be done and I'd still be the last one there. Now, I'm pretty much always the first one to arrive places. I hate being late!!

Lynn said...

Arm - Being the last kid to be picked up must have been really hard on you. Did your mom ever give a reason for her tardiness?

Renee said...

Joan: I've done that too...or drove around the block a few times. Usually it's because I've misjudged traffic. But I've been too early. LOL

I found out some disturbing news today and wanted to get your opinion on it because you've been through this.

My MIL told me today that my SIL & BIL (DH's oldest sister & his youngest brother...DH is the baby) flew in a few weeks ago...and had set an appointment with MIL's doctor for her to get an MRI to see if she is in the early stages of Alzheimers (sorry if it's spelled wrong.) SIL pretended like she was there to visit with MIL but was only there to make sure she went to the appointment. (MIL is pretty mad about that as she doesn't get to see SIL much and SIL didn't spend any time visiting with her at all!)
MIL was understandibly very mad and is only now able to tell DH & me all the details. As it turns out MIL does not have it...two of her siblings do though.
MIL was previously on medication that affected her judgement. But it scared her so she stopped taking it, saw her doctor and ended up firing him (he was a specialist for her knee surgery) and went to her primary care doctor who looked at all her meds that were one to cover the affects of another and got her system all cleaned out and on the right meds.

What DH & I don't understand is why SIL & BIL didn't ask us about MIL. We live here and see her all the time...they do not. MIL is the youngest of 5 kids. The oldest & almost youngest do not have's the middle two who have it. AuntP knew that she had it and while frustrated wasn't ignoring it. UncleB was an alcoholic and it wasn't until he couldn't remember to drink anymore that he was diagnosed.

I know that SIL & BIL are worried that she is at the point where she can't live on her own anymore. And there are some things that she can no longer do...which is why DH & I go over there almost every weekend in the summer and at least once a month in the winter to help out...mostly yard work and home repairs. I think that we would notice if she were slipping. I also think that she would tell us if she needed help. She usually has a list for us to work on when we get there...she's not afraid to ask us for help.

Sorry to dump this on you. You and Joan were the first folks that popped into my head.