Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Silence is Golden...or Silent Day, Silent Night

O.K., so I took everyone's advice and I signed up for the retreat. I know that it is something that I really need to do. I know that I have the potential to learn so much that weekend. As Patti said, it will give me a chance to 'recharge my batteries.'

So, I called the retreat office and a very nice lady answered. (at least that is what I thought when she answered the phone) I told her that I wanted to sign up for the retreat. We had quite a lovely conversation, and since she spoke with such a soothing tone, I started to feel my whole body relax. Until, as an aside, she said "You realize that this is a silent retreat?"

Whoa! Stop the presses! A silent what? What exactly does silent mean? Does that actually mean that I/me/moi/yours truly will not be allowed to speak? They can't mean me! I am the women who hides my shyness/nervousness with funny/witty remarks. How am I supposed to cope with those feelings, if I can't joke about them? Does this woman mean silence during meals?...or silence all of the time? What will happen to me if I accidentally speak... will I get fined for each word that I utter? Does talking in my sleep count?

For those of you that don't know me, that would be all of you except my sister and cousin, I will tell you that I love to talk. I talk all of the time, whether it's to myself, or to stranger's on the street. Speaking is in my blood. Don't get me wrong, I am also a very good listener, but I do believe that talking, sharing, communicating is extrordinaryly importance. I have felt this way all of my life. As a result, I chose a profession where communication, specifically communication disorders, are my focus. I get paid to talk. Not to give speeches, but to talk with students and help them become better communicators. Yet, this woman, with the very soothing pleasant voice, is telling me that it's a silent retreat that I have just signed up for.

OMG. What have I gotten myself into?


meno said...

Oh my goodness! I'd have to wear a muzzle.

Renee said...

Well it isn't that long. I wonder if I could do would be an interesting experience.

re: my story...Yes, that story was completely autobiographical. It was about our move to Korea. The only thing I left out was DD.

The words he gave just made me think of that time.

for me to write the words just have to fall into place in a story. If it doesn't come like that, then I don't write the story. Most of my 3 word stuff is fiction, but that happened to be real.

patches said...

I could completely do this...wait would that means I have to spend three days listening?

patches said...

MEAN not means, I'm still on my first cup of coffee.

Patti said...

Lynn, this sounds like heaven! I like to communicate as well but I don't like to talk. I would rather not, most of the time.
I always fear I will bore the person I am talking to so I invariably make it short and sweet. Not a very good way to let people get to know me, is it?
I am naturally shy, which does me no good in the real world.
That's why talk therapy continues to help me.
I communicate by writing...

Talk about blog topics. Heck, you can get a book out of the experience you are about to have...

only oldest said...

either use duct tape over your mouth or since you can use sign language, maybe if you are lucky there will be someone you can sign to.

can you sign in your sleep???

Joan said...

You...silent...ha ha ha. Actually I think you will do just fine. You're good at playing "follow the leader" so I think you will take your cues from the others at the retreat. If they're not talking, you won't talk!

Pam said...

That would be a challenge for me as well. But I know a guy who goes on a silent retreat every single year and he LOVES it.

egan said...

I can't wait to hear how this will go. I think I'd have to cancel.

Lynn said...

Meno - I think I will need one too.

Renee - Interesting is, I think, a good word to describe what this experience will be.

Patches - I certainly hope that someone will be talking...complete silence for 48 hours will drive me mad.

Patti - I am such a motormouth, succinct is not in my vocabulary, this will definitely be a challenge for me.

Only Oldest -Duct tape might work...maybe I'll give it a try.

Joan - I don't know about that...silence bothers me...if no one else is talking I will want to fill the quiet with words.

Pam - Thanks...if the guy that you knows loves it...then maybe I will too.

Egan - Believe me...I am very tempted to cancel, but my competitive nature wants me to rise and surpass this challenge. We'll see how I feel as the time draws closer.

egan said...

Yeah, the competitive side of me would say the same thing.