Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oops...The Devil Made Me Do It

While listening to my favorite radio station this morning, I heard that Paris Hilton will definitely be serving some time behind bars (as in the slammer). She will not be mixed in with the general population, but will have her freedom restricted while she is in the pokey.

I figure that Paris is thinking "Gee, I wish I hadn't done that. I wish I could turn back time and erase what I did". (actually she's probably just pissed off that she got caught, and that her lawyers didn't get her off...but I digress).

However, it got me to wondering... is there anything that you've done (where there would have been consequences (if you'd gotten caught), or there were consequences...where after you did it you thought to yourself, "Gee, I wish I hadn't."?


ARM said...

Pretty much anytime I open my mouth I think those words.

Really, though, the biggest thing is the one time I blatantly lied to my mother (not the typical leaving certain details out type thing, but a real outright lie). About the stupidest thing, too. I really wish I wouldn't have even though it was years ago. It's one of the few things I've truly regretted.

And Paris was supposed to serve 45 days and the lightened her sentence. They shouldn't have.

egan said...

Does starting a blog count?

meno said...


all the f'ing time. From the cookies i ate after lunch to that time in college when i decided it was time to lose my virginity.

Patti said...

Yes. I think I'll leave it at that.

Lynn said...

Arm - Since you felt so bad when after lying to you mother, did it stop you from doing it again?

Egan - No...starting a blog doesn't count! I'm sure you can come up with something that does.

Meno - FYI. If you were standing when you ate those cookies after lunch, then the calories DO NOT COUNT! As far as losing your virginity...there is certainly no going back once you make that decision.

Patti - Oh please...pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top...please, please tell me...(it might encourage me to tell you what I did to stop the witnesses from coming to my door.

Renee said...

I was just telling some friends this story on Wednesday.

When I was a teenager we lived in a trailer park. 1/2 was for families and 1/2 for Adults only (which meant mostly retired folks.) These retired folks were all the time ratting me out to my Mom...gee great! It wasn't like I was up to much.

So one day Mom comes home and says that a friend of hers saw me somewhere doing something and she wants me to tell me what I was up to. Hummm... I'm thinking she must be crazy if she seriously thinks I'm gonna tell her everything I've been up to for the past week. So I sat there and told her that I had no idea what she was talking about. She kept at it for a while but finally gave up and told me that her friend had seen me outside of a bar that was right next to the trailer park. Well first, it wasn't a bar, it was a pub that sells food too. And yes, I was outside of it waiting for my friend who went inside to buy some cigarettes and then ordered a hamburger. I went inside too, but the rat didn't see that part. But NOTHING happened. Steph & I waited for her burger and finally it was done we left. End of story. :insert dramatic eyeroll here:

Now if Mom had found out everything else I had been up to that week...then there would have been some trouble. I got drunk for the first time ever that summer with Steph...but it was after that week and inside where no one could see me.

patches said...

Hmmm, I regret things everyday. But nothing that has that confessional quality you're seeking. The Missus, however...Her mother needed a new mailbox. The Missus dug a hole, secured the post, installed the box, and got those reflective sticky letters to put the last name on the mailbox. When she finished the installation, she noticed their enough letters left over to spell out something offensive....So she spelled out SHIT HAPPENS and the mailbox post. It was positioned so that her mother wouldn't see it when she turned out of the drive, and she could only read it if she entered the drive from the opposite direction. It was on display for several weeks before one of the letter carriers mentioned it...and Mom was pissed.

Joan said...

Wow...this is a hard one. It's not that I havent done anything I've regretted...I am not a perfect angel. It's just that I honestly can't remember anything specific right now...probably because it's past my bedtime. Maybe tomorrow.

ARM said...

Egan's comment made me giggle. Whatev, Efo.

Yes, I never fully lied to my mother after that. I would leave things out when I'd tell her stuff (still do, actually, because there are just some things that she just doesn't need to know), but I've never outright lied to her again. Besides, I am a horrible liar. Which is surprising since I act.

only oldest said...

I can't think of anything that would have gotten me in trouble but I really wished I never started smoking because stopping is really hard and I don't know the consequences yet.

egan said...

Okay, let me think of something else then.

How about stealing someone's virginity? Is that good? I'm not sure that I should go into the specifics here, but yeah... let's go with that one since you won't except my blogging one.

Patti said...

sorry Lynn ~ don't want anyone to think I'm a crazy woman

Lynn said...

Renee - Good for you for not falling for the 'adult fishing expedition'. (questions that are openended with the hopes that you'll implicate yourself).

Patches - I know that you are a good kitty! (Happy rebirth day today!) As for the Missus...doesn't sound to me like she has any regrets about what she did...(now I will be sure to check all sides of the mailbox posts in the future)

Joan -Even though you were the 'perfect child', I'm thinking you weren't THAT perfect:~)

Arm - Sounds to me like you learned a valuable lesson;~)

Only Oldest - I wish you would have never started smoking too.

Egan - Did you steal it...or did you persuade her out of it?

Patti - Now you've really piqued my curiosity.

Marsha said...

Lynn you are so creative. I can't wait to hear how you got rid of the witnesses. Here is my incentive for you to share. I think the thing that I regret the most comes in the form of two of my past boyfriends. One in high school and one in my mid twenties. During this portion of my life my self esteem was such that I threw myself at these men, not because I like them or was attracted to them, but because they liked me. I wanted so badly to have a boyfriend that any boy would do. Over the years the things I did to hold on to these guys everything the whole relationships was such a shame. I humiliated and degraded myself in a million ways, all for guys I never really even liked or was attracted to. It is such an embarrassment. Who was that pathetic girl?

Anonymous said...

I think we all have. But I don't think we all go to jail over them thank goodness! I prefer not to dwell on mine!

Lynn said...

Marsha - Your story is all to often repeated by teen age girls and young women, who lack the self esteem and self confidence to know their worth. Fortunately for you, you gained both and a wonderful family.

Judi - I try not to dwell on mine too. I think what is important to focus on is whether or not we learned something from the experiences.

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

yeah, at work, home, church, on the bus. All the time. Impulse Control is not my moniker.