Monday, May 21, 2007

Caution...Whinefest in Progress

I'm in a funk right now. My hormones are raging. I just finished my period 1 week ago, and could swear that it is about to start again...any minute. I would warn everyone that this is a 'code red', however, I'm feeling too crappy to give a shit.

I am exhausted. I started a second job last week, as if I wasn't stressed out enough from the first job, with hopes that I will make enough money during this next month so that I don't have to work summer school this year. That is my goal, and I believe that it is somewhat realistic. The problem is that for the next month, I will be rushing from job#1 to job#2 and then rushing to pick up Ten at school. (This leaves no time for lunch, and no time to run errands before I have to get him).

The afternoons and evenings, this week seemed to be filled with activities, which will leave me no time to relax. Today after job #1 and #2, I picked Ten up from school and had to rush him home to get him ready for a swim party (during which I acted as the lifeguard). Then we rushed home and Ten had to get changed to go to flag football practice. We are equally busy Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Friday, I am supposed to go on a 2 day retreat. Turns out that Ten has a baseball playoff game from 5-7 that night. He needs to leave our house by 4 to get there on time. DH doesn't get home from work until 7:30pm most nights. I am supposed to be at the retreat sometime before 5pm. Have no idea how this will all play out, as DH has to leave work early on Thursday night for 'open house' at Ten's school.

I want to bite someone's head off! I am in a pissy, crappy mood. I'm very nervous about the retreat...(I won't know anyone there). I also afraid of having 2 days in which I am supposed to...well, I don't really know what I am supposed to do during the retreat. That frightens me. I am used to making lists of all that I have to do...but I can't make a list of what I'm going to do at the retreat, because I don't know what should go on the list. In case you haven't noticed, I don't do well when I am not in control.

I know that sometime during this crazy week I should pack up some: pj's, toiletries, and a change of clothes for the weekend...but right now I just want to bite somebody's head off!

Oh yeah...this is my 100 post...whoopdeedo...(said with as much gusto as a bowl of limp spaghetti).


Renee said...

DH is sticking to his story, but has said that Lilly was scratching this morning and he thought there might be something in her room making her itchy. I haven't seen any scratching.

Sorry you're having such a rough week and I hope it feels better soon. UGH on the two jobs.

ARM said...

Lynn, this is the post I wanted to post today but refrained (sans the kids part, obviously). I'm trying to follow my rules about not posting when I'm in this mood. But I hear you - I am major PMSing today. Everything is making me cry and I'm uber sensitive. It royally sucks!! These monthly lows I've been experiencing the past 2 months have been very hard for me to get used to! And I've been battling some inner demons, so that's not making the crying fits any easier. Grr!

Tell you what - let's forget about our jobs, retreats and everything else and go get some margaritas and talk about how we want to bite people's heads off!

Ok, really, I hope that we both get out of our funks. I'm sorry that you are so busy right now. You're not going to get any tough love from me, though. Just sympathy.

Oh, and happy 100!

patches said...

Sounds as if the retreat should be the least of your concerns at the moment. Approach each day in a singular fashion. Don't spend Tuesday worrying about Friday. The retreat may not coincide with the best week of activities, but it may be coinciding with a week when you will need relief more. If your concerned about blogging withdrawal, take a notebook or sketchpad and keep a journal, sometimes that helps with the head clearing. Maybe Ten could go home with a team mate and catch a ride to the game with him?

I empathize with you about the hormone part. I can echo much of what ARM said in her first paragraph. Urgh, the Missus's head is too full. Sorry this week has taken such a nasty turn for you. Wishing you the best, and Happy 100th post.

Marsha said...

Happy 100. I always react to an overload of stress by not being able to sleep. Making the overload of stress that much worse.

Patti said...

Lynn, sorry to hear about all the stress in your life. There must be someone on the team with whom Ten can hitch a ride. It sounds like you need this retreat. I think it will be just what you will need after the week you are facing.
Happy 100th, and keep bloggin'

Joan said...

Crappy moods must be contagious...that was me yesterday! Do not give up on that one needs it more than you right now!!!

Michele said...

Oh Lynn, not good, not good at all... how about a nice relaxing day by a nice cold mountain lake? [wink wink]... take care of yourself.

only oldest said...

just reading your blog exhausted me. Joan is right, you need some time to yourself. don't worry about not knowing anyone at the retreat. you are friendly and will meet people. you deserve to enjoy yourself.

Anonymous said...

You sound pissy. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who gets in a pissy mood, makes me feel better. If that's any consolation?
You will enjoy the retreat. It will work out, something good will happen. You can believe that. Might even be true. Who knows?

And HAPPY 100TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

egan said...

Happy 100 and you got some great advice her from your readers. Guys don't have much way to sympathize. Patches and ARM both had some great suggestions as well as others. One day at a time.

meno said...

No advice from me. Just sympathy.

Lynn said...

Renee - I guess I can say...double ugg on the double jobs. But "yay" if that means that I don't have to work summer school.

Arm - Going for marguerites and talking about biting peoples heads off actually sounds like a great idea to me. Sorry you're in a PMSeyish mood too.

Patches - I bought a sketchpad to take with me...thanks for the suggestion.

Marsha - Yeah, the not sleeping doesn't help at all.

Patti - The retreat is looking better, and better to me.

Joan - Fine...I'm going!

Michele - You can be sure that I will be visualizing that clear cold mountain fact just thinking about it now is relaxing me.

Only Oldest - Won't be making any friends at the retreat, since it is a 'silent' retreat...that means, I won't be talking to anyone.

Deb - I am feeling pissy...they say that misery loves company...I think pissy does too...depending on the company.

Egan - I'm thinking you need to help your ability to sympathize evolve...after all, Anna Elizabeth might need/want some sympathy from you, and as her'll need to have it. Just saying;~)

Meno - If I could just have some tea with the sympathy...all would be well.