Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Am The Queen of Procrastination!

Whew. It's done. With hours to spare. Income taxes. Finally mailed them today. Nothing like leaving it all until the last minute. It wasn't all my fault honest!

Went to the accountant about 6 (six) weeks ago. He needed some information. One of the pieces of information that I needed wasn't provided to me until last night. Called and emailed it into my CPA. (I'm sure that he just loved that...note: this is said with sarcasm). Worked this morning, then went to CPA's office to pick up the returns. Stopped off at the post office to be sure to get today's date stamped on the envelopes.

Consequences of putting it all off till the last minute?... Tension headache both yesterday and today, as a result of the stress. Note to self: Next year make sure that I have all of the necessary information, or if I don't, bribe whoever has the information that I need, so that I am not down to the wire with my return. Isn't that a great plan? Who'll volunteer to remind me?


Ralph said...

I'm not one to promote one thing or another ususlly, but this is the first time we used a computer based solution (okay, it was Turbo Tax)and it really simplfied things. the first officer's mom used to pay for the tax preparer. The tax guy never had the intellectual curiosity to figure out impairment expenses vs. medical, etc. I knew way more than he did. I finished the tax on Sunday, and spent no more than 2 hours on the whole thing.

Congrats on finishing the tax monster on time. More than that, congrats on 19 wonderful years! We are approaching 21 years ourselves.

Patti said...

Lucky me that hubby takes care of this stuff! I'm not a numbers person.

Joan said...

Hallelujah!!! Congrats on finally getting tax season done with. It's one less thing to worry about...until next year!

patches said...

There's a saying for this, I think it is "by the skin of your teeth". The Mister and the Missus filed an extension, the taxes were ready on time (Monday), the Mister wasn't in town to sign off on them. But who cares, I smell a refund!

ARM said...

If I were in charge of our taxes, this would have been me today as well. However, I am not. And I am uber thankful. I am perfectly OK wil letting Mr. ARM handle it all. I may be a semi-feminist, but I know my strengths and finances/taxes/etc. are not it.

Lynn said...

Ralph - That's scary that you understood what needed to be done better than your tax preparer...
I'm too nervous to attempt to do them myself.
Thanks for the congrats...Be sure to let me know when your 21st anniversary...and I will sing you and your lovely First Officer a song.

Patti - I have more time flexibility than hubby when it comes to seeing our accountant.

Joan - How right you are...and how less stressed out I feel...for now.

Patches - Alas, we owed money. Boo hoo...so an extension would have cost us more :~(

Arm - Usually the accountant and I finish the taxes early, and I'm getting a refund check right about now. This year was hopefully an anomaly. I don't ever want to be this stressed about taxes again! I'm not a mathematician, but I understand taxes...just not comfortable enough to do them on my own.

Renee said...

Since Darly's birthday is tax day...just look at my countdown. :D

I'm glad you got yours in the mail...MIL had to file an extension. And DH may have to go do them for her...he says they are mostly done.

Patti said...

I have more time flexibility than my husband too, but still am afraid of those tax forms.