Thursday, April 19, 2007

How Rude!

Why do some people think that they own the roads? Recently the Department of Transportation reconfigured an interchange near my house. They changed the north and southbound onramps so that instead of making a left turn to get onto the freeway, you now make a right turn and enter on a "clover-leaf" type onramp.

As a result of this new onramp scenario, every morning there is a lineup of cars in the right lane waiting to work their way through a traffic light and onto the freeway. Every morning there are cars that speed by, while driving in the center lane, and then at the last minute "cut into" the line that's waiting to get onto the freeway, so that they can save 3-5 minutes.

Now don't get me wrong, I understand that there are people, who have been living in caves, and are unaware of the change in the traffic patterns and don't realize that they need to be in the right lane. I've been one of those people, who when I'm driving in a neighborhood that is new to me, has realized at the last minute that I needed to be in a different lane in order to get on the freeway. When that happens, I am very grateful to the nice person who sees my dilemna and lets me in. But I assure you that I don't make the same mistake twice, and certainly not every morning. Yet, it seems to me that it is the same cars every morning who "cut in" at the last minute. As they whiz by they seem to say..."ha ha you suckers."

For some reason, this bothers me. 95% of the people are being courteous and waiting their turn in line. I make it a point to leave for work early enough so that a little traffic won't matter. I figure getting onto the freeway into the equation. What is up with the other 5%? They can't all be new to the area and surprised by the change in traffic flow. Why do they feel that their time is so much more precious than everybody elses? Is it possible that they don't think that they are being rude? Is it possible that they are so self-involved that they only care about what they need and really don't give a damn about anyone else? How did they get this way? Didn't their parents teach them to treat others kindly? What could possibly be going on in their minds? Any ideas?


Patti said...

Never been on a freeway. I agree there are a lot of rude people out there.
Everyone is in a hurry on the roads..

Somehow reading this reminds me of that Steve Martin movie, "L.A. Story."
Now I have to go read up about the flick, which I recall enjoying at the time.

Patti said...

I meant to say read up "on" the flick. Brain not awake yet.
Lynn, please don't get upset with me, but scenario has a "c" in it. I didn't mention it last time you had it in a post title.

It's the copy editor in me coming out.

Lynn said...

Patti - But you've been on Parkways...aren't they the same thing? Thanks for the editing, how much do I owe you? I have fixed the spelling on my post. Now I have to go and write the word 20 times, so that I will spell it correctly next time. :~D

Renee said...

I've been the person in the wrong lane more times than I care to admit...I swear that the DOT hides the signs that tell you where you need to be and puts them way too close to the roadway for you to actually get on the road. But if I travel the road enough, I remember.

As for the other folks...there was a study that said that the human brain doesn't finally finish developing until a person reaches 25y/o The underdeveloped part is the part that makes us aware that we aren't the only ones out there and gives us empathy for others. I don't know about that much, but I swear there are people all over who live in their own little world with no clue that the world exhists around them.

I had some lady cut in front of me at the grocery self-check out lane...there were people behind me waiting too and she just walked up and stood behind the person still checking her stuff. I said "Excuse me, we are waiting in line here." but she ignored me.

Joan said...

I would rather drive around the block than cut in front of someone if I'm in the wrong lane but, then again, our mama raised us right. As for those rude drivers, I guess they subscribe to the motto "It's all about me."
Oh...and how come you didn't tell me about the traffic pattern change? I found out about it's a good thing traffic was light at the time. ;~)

only oldest said...

I saw it for the first time last week and of course I was in the wrong lane. Seeing the way the right turn lane is set up, I agree that some people are just cutting in at the last moment. Hopefully Cal Tran will make 2 right turn lanes eventually. It sure didn't seem very well planned out for the amount of traffic.

sari said...

I think most people lose their brains and their courtesy once they get behind the wheel. Unfortunately.

Marsha said...

I have no idea why people can be so rude, but it sure does ruffle my feathers when drivers act that way. Around here, when people are driving in the neighborhood, they slow down and wave to me as they drive past my house, but once they are on the main road, watch out.

Lynn said...

Renee - It's a good thing that I wasn't in line with you at the grocery would not have been pretty.

Joan - I thought I told you...well I guess that makes us even, since you didn't tell me about National Library week.

Only Oldest - One can only hope.

Sari - I agree, I think that many people get their driver's licenses when they are teenagers, and they are still so self-involved that they really don't pay attention to anyone else. Unfortunately, often, these same people never outgrow their attitude.

Marsha - Better waving at you than giving you the "bird". How did drivers behave in Japan?

Patti said...

Hey Lynn, good thing you sisters have your respective comment sections to keep up with what's going on.
I agree that many people are incredibly self-involved. I try not to be. I know I was raised to be courteous.

Ralph said...

I drive a parkway (Route 15) between Orange and Meriden, CT all week to work. My drive is about 20 miles on this road, and since it is is an old road (1949), there are really no acceleration have to seize your opportunity to get on the road. You force yourself on. I try to let people on the best I can, but on the parkway you are sometimes rude if you want to get anywhere...

meno said...

This sort of driving makes me mad too. We get alot of that around here. Sometimes it is the Mister doing it. I hide my face in the car when he does it. Grrrr.

Lynn said...

Patti - One would think that sis and I don't talk on the cell phone 2-3 times per day.

Ralph - I understand about being agressive in order to "merge" with only 3 feet in which to do so. I don't see a problem with that. That's not true, it would freak me out each time I attempted to get on the "freeway", but I don't find anything wrong with that behavior. I think that's different than cutting in front of someone because you don't want to wait your turn in line.

Meno - Could our Mister's be related? I find myself often slouching down when hubby drives.