Thursday, January 10, 2008

Taking Time To Slow Down

Are you ever in such a rush while you are eating, that you forget to chew your food, and you kind of choke on it??? I really need to slow down.

Once I had kids, I started to gulp my food down. At least I think that's when it began. I started inhaling my food when Elle and Sport were little...hurrying to 'grab a bite' before they needed me. I know that it isn't healthy, I just am too lazy to retrain myself to slow down. Now Elle is 13 and Sport is 11...I still can't seem to slow down and enjoy a meal.

DH on the other hand enjoys taking his time....bastard!


Joan said...

That old saying is "Stop and smell the roses." I think we need to change it for you to "Stop and chew your food!"

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

SLOW DOWN!!! Geeze, one of these days, girl, you're going to choke and then what...? Someone has to cut up your steak in little pieces for you, I think... ;)

patches said...

It isn't just about the chewing, it's the tasting. Who wouldn't want to embrace culinary stimulation of the taste buds?

I'm still laughing silently 'cause you called DH a bastard. What did he really do?Leave his dirty underwear on the floor.

Renee said...

In my past life I dated this guy who would wolf down his food and then ask if I was gonna finish mine. So in an act of self-preservation I began wolfing down my food as well.
Then one day I finally realized that I was still doing it and didn't need to. So I had to purposefully slow down. In the beginning it took setting down the fork between bites.
Now I notice that DH & DD have clean plates sooner than I do, but then I have to remind myself that they eat each of the parts of the meal separately...meat first, then starch and then veggie. I pile all my food on the plate at once.

Oh, glad you like the hair...I'm really enjoying it.

Patti said...

OMG! Lynn called her hubby a bad name.
It is funny, as Patches said.

As for the eating, I understand what you mean about gulping on the run.
I find myself eating breakfast standing up, getting stuff for others in the household.

Jodi said...

i've been thinking about this too. i totally do this.. i feel like i must multi-task while eating... it's a bad habit.

Ralph said...

Like DH, I prefer to stay seated at every meal...although I have an excuse...

the moose buyer said...

I thought that name was reserved for Frank.

Having the surgery has caused me to slow down when I eat since there is so little room for it to fit.

egan said...

I've pretty much come to the realization that time sped up the day Anna was born. It seems to get exponentially faster each day too. Weekends come and go in the wink of an eye.

Fast eating, yep.. I hear you there too Lynn. Eating food while it's hot is a rare treat. Have a good weekend.

meno said...

Guilty as charged! But i grew up with two older brothers. You ate fast or starved.

Leanne said...

Yup. I do the same. I have no idea why though. I guess there's just too many other things to do.

Maybe we should try just throwing everything in the blender and liquifing it - then at least we won't choke. :)

Lynn said...

Joan - You're supposed to actually have the time to chew your food???

Michele - I think that I'm afraid if I slow down that I won't get to eat.

Patches - I don't think I've really tasted anything I've eaten in 13 years.

Renee - Putting down a fork between bites sounds like a good idea...I'll try it.

Patti - 'Gulping' is a great adjective. Does this mean we need to start a 'Gulping Food Anonymous' group?

Jodi - Exactly...I find myself doing other things while I am eating, trying to get them all done.

Ralph - I sit down most every meal...I keep popping up, or I'll be writing a report for work and be in a hurry, or the kids will ask me for something, and I'll 'scarf' my food down. It's not so much about the sitting as the rushing, or as your lovely wife stated...the gulping.

The Moose Buyer - Slowing down is a good thing...I just can't seem to do it at all.

Egan - My food is either eaten steaming hot from the oven, or cold. I think at some point, I should have taught my kids to wait until I was done with something before 'needing' me...I just never figured out how to do that.

Meno - guess the end result is the same.

Leanne - What a great idea to throw everything in the blender. However that reminds me about an old (very old) Saturday Night Live Skit...where they had a 'bass-o-matic' and blended their fish...yuck:~)

Casdok said...

Yes i eat to fast to and yes since having kids!

Lynn said...

Casdok - I think that having children goes hand in hand with eating too fast.