Monday, July 16, 2007

We're Back...

Hi Everyone...we're back and we had an absolutely fabulous time. Every year, we go camping with 3 other families (about 20-22 people). Each year we pick a different location, and this year we went to a part of California called 'Big Sur'. It is south of Monterey (think central California coast) and it is gorgeous.

Friday morning we met one of the other families about 8:30am and followed each other up the coast. We ate lunch in Monterey and then drove down highway 1 to Big Sur. We set up camp and then relaxed and waited for the other two families. Once they arrived, we made dinner (hamburgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, veggie dogs, cut up veggies and get the idea), cleaned up and sat around the campfire playing cards, making smores, talking, looking at the stars. It's amazing how many stars you can see when there aren't any city lights around!

Saturday morning, after breakfast, we drove down to Pfeiffer State Park and walked about 1/2 mile to see a waterfall (to me it looks like someone peeing). It was foggy, so it was kind of hard to see. Then we went back towards our campground and took another hike to see a different waterfall. Mind you, California is having a drought year and the waterfalls are, shall we say...less than impressive, but it was a nice hike (2 and 1/2 miles) and tired out the kids (yeah).

We headed back to the campground where the kids floated on inner-tubes down the river. Yesterday, Sunday, we drove up to Point Lobos State Park and walked around the tide pools, then headed into Monterey and walked around. Today, we packed up camp and headed home. Twelve had something that she wanted to do. Since people have been asking, I decided to include a photo of Twelve, Me, and Ten..
DH was taking the picture...I'm the one in the middle...and just so you know...I was smiling.


Patti said...

What a beautiful area you visited. Great photos.
California looks like it does in the movies...
I agree with you about the waterfall.
Thanks for sharing your trip!

P.S. you look so outdoorsy ;-)

ARM said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! And I agree with Patti - you do look outdoorsy! But maybe it's just the backpack. Glad you had fun!!

Marsha said...

I am laughing about the photo, I love it. I grew up in the Sacramento area we went to Big Sur many times, you brought back some great memories. I am glad you had such a good trip, and that all the packing and preparations came together in the end.

the moose buyer said...

love the picture of you. Boy has your hair gotten darker (she was a really blond kid).

Yeah the waterfall looks kind of weak but the pictures are great.

patches said...

Looks like a beautiful area. One thing I always liked about the Pacific ocean was the way it takes on an aqua cast in the shallower areas, the atlantic doesn't do that. It is so nice to see stars without the backlight of the city, and the noise.

Didn't have to ask about the smile the pose says it all. Thanks for sharing pictures of your trip.

Joan said...

The central coast of California is amongst the most beautiful landscape in the world and your photos prove it without a doubt. I'm so glad you and the family had such a wonderful time although Amber missed you big time!!!

Lynn said...

Patti - The California coast is quite stunning. That waterfall made me have to 'go'. As for looking outdoorsy...well, looks can be deceiving.

Arm - Thanks. I think they are nice pictures. I took them for the express purpose of sharing them on my blog.

Marsha - I love the Big Sur area, it's so beautiful. I also hadn't been back there in a long time. Amazingly, I didn't 'forget' to bring anything...although if I had, there were stores not too far from where we were camping.

The Moose Buyer - If the sun had been out, my hair would have looked somewhat lighter (otherwise, I wasted $$$ when I went to the hairdresser).

Patches - Missus Chicca's eye for color and change in color has certainly rubbed off on you. I love how the color changes...and I'm happy that the water is clear enough to see those changes.

Lynn said...

Joan - It really is spectacular! Now Amber misses you, too.

meno said...

I'm smiling too! I love Big Sur.

Ralph said...

Time with your family in a beautiful setting...couldn't get better! As your kids get older, you might think that they are growing apart from you, and that is is not true. You guys are really tight, and trips like increase that bond. You are a beautiful family, even from the back!

I'd love to meet Amber! I love doggies!

Michele said...

Oooo... i love the pictures sooooo much... they are stunning! WOW! yep.... you are right... i thought that was you.... the one smiling... didn't have to tell me... i knew it! Oh by the way... i have an award for you to pick up on my blog! Congrats!

Renee said...

Love the family photo! Y'all look great! Love the smiles.

Glad you had a great trip...I WANNA GO CAMPING! I'm so camping withdrawn right now.

But I can't camp down here...must go even higher so I'm not so hot. It felt like 120 outside today!!! :o

Joan said...

I don't believe for a minute that Amber misses me but thanks for trying to make me feel better.

Renee said...

actually Joan I do believe that Amber misses you. I know that Lilly misses my MIL after she stays there. And Lilly has an incredible memory...when we went to get Princess I'm sure she thought that we were dropping her off to stay there by the way she was acting. She was very happy to be getting back in the car...even with the runt.
the runt is getting peeing in the house since Monday. But I've limited her water intake and stay outside with her most of the time we're home. I miss my couch!
She still HATES her crate though. She isn't destructive but when she's in the crate she scratches at it's door...and I don't leave animals loose in my house when I'm not home. So locking her in the bathroom doesn't sound like a good idea as I don't want to have to replace the door & wall. I suppose I could put her with Lilly, but I want Lilly to view the laundryroom as HER room...not the dog room.

And you're right, I'm more upset that the owner passed her off as a housebroken/crate trained dog, who had recently had a bath.

Lynn said...

Meno - Isn't it just a beautiful area?

Ralph - Our family really loves camping. Figure we're building memories with all of these trips. I will try to post a picture of Amber (the good doggie), now that I seem to have figured out how to post pictures.

Michele - You are one smart woman to have figured out that it was me, smiling... Oh goodie...I will go and check out my award.

Renee - We love camping too. Don't know why we don't do it more often. Oh wait, I know why...1) it's hard to get a campsite, and 2) I'd have to pack all the stuff, again. sigh How is Darly liking G.S. Camp?

Joan - Fine, she doesn't miss you anymore today...but she definitely missed you yesterday. How's that for a compromise?

Renee - Glad to hear that Princess is doing better.

Patti said...

Lynn: I gave you an award today

Melinda said...

Hi Lynn,
I'm not sure how I found your site! I hope you dont mind me stopping by.
I love your photos they are awesome. California, mmmmmmm I would love to go there some day = dream on Melinda.
We used to always go camping with a couple of other families on our summer holidays, it's the best, makes it so much more fun!!

Anyways Take Care - Smiles Melinda

Lynn said...

Melinda - Welcome to my blog however you got here. I have checked out your blog and left you a message. I hope I picked the right one. If not, let me know which blog is the best for me to comment on.

Melinda said...

Hi Lynn,
I am so new to the world of blogging !! I have no idea what I am doing really, My Other blogs are just photos of our holidays etc. We have an onsite caravan at Bonnie Doon - Lake Eildon so I have just made up blogs showing what we do there in winter and summer etc.etc. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

I didn't think pigs got winter coats either but obviously they do this pig has long course fur looks so ugly LOL.

Have a great weekend.

Take Care - Smiles Melinda (Aust)

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hi Lynn, your camping trip sounds amazing. Isn't camping just the best fun ... a perfect way to be together with your family and friends. I always believe the simple things in life are the best.
Great post, and wonderful pics.
Take care, Meow

Lynn said...

Melinda - No one really knows what they're doing when they first start blogging...then everyone seems to find a rhythm and it all falls into place. You seem to be doing a great job. Heck, I didn't even know how to add a picture to my blog until recently. You are definitely more blog savvy than I am;~)

Meow (aka Connie) - Our family loves camping. Camping with friends just makes it even better... unfortunately we don't get around to doing it all that often. Glad you like the pics. I just figured out how to add them to a post.