Saturday, December 8, 2007

Happy Birthday...Sport! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Today is Ten's eleventh birthday. I guess that means I can't really call him Ten anymore. Let's see, his soccer team has a championship game today. He has a basketball game tomorrow, and he just finished "Fall ball" baseball. I guess that means that a good name for him would be "Sport". I ran the name by Ten and Elle and they both liked Sport it is!

I cannot believe that it was eleven years ago today that he was born. I loved him from the moment that he was conceived. I knew that he would definitely be my last child, and I treasured each and every moment of his babyhood, toddlerhood, and childhood. O.K., maybe not every moment...I sure didn't treasure the sleepless nights, but overall as Sport passed each milestone, I remember thinking "This is the last time I will have a baby/toddler/child doing xy or z".

Sport is an amazing young man. He has personality... lots and lots of personality. He loves to talk...and talk and talk and talk. He's loving and cuddly, and he possesses good values (honesty being the first one that comes to mind). He's an all around great kid.

So Sport, on your eleventh birthday I want you to know that I love you, I love your smiles, and I love your sense of humor. I am so grateful to be your mom, and I look forward to watching you grow into the man that you will become.


Joan said...

Happy Birthday Ten...oops...I mean Sport! I can't think of a better name for you as you turn the magic age of eleven! You're a wonderful nephew!

Patti said...

Happy Birthday to Sport!
Lynn, he sounds like he takes after his mom.

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday to Sport. It sounds like you've done an amazing job raising him.

He sounds wonderful

Marsha said...

Happy Birthday Sport, and to Mom.

Renee said...

Happy Birthday Sport!

Sounds like your Mom is very proud of the young man you've become!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful young man. Happy Birthday Sport!

the moose buyer said...

As your "only oldest" cousin, I can attest that Sport is definitely a member of our side of the family. He too has inherited the "active" gene that Frank and you also have. I guarantee though that for always, just as with the two of you, everyone will adore him and cherish being part of his life.

Lynn said...

Aunt Joan - Sport says 'Thanks.'

Patti - Thanks...he does:~)

Jodi - He really is an amazing kid...(in my humble opinion)

Marsha - Thanks

Renee - Sport says thanks.

Michele - Thanks.

Moose Buyer - That is so sweet of you to say:~)

patches said...

Anyone would proud to call the young man you described, Son. Congratulations! May good years keep coming your way.

sari said...

Hope the birthday was a great one!

Lynn said...

Patches - He really is quite a guy:~)

Sari - We were supposed to go to Disneyland overnight for his birthday, but we had to cancel because of his championship soccer game on Saturday. Then my mom came down with the stomach flu, so we had to eat his birthday dinner at home. I promised him that we would invite a few friends to go to lunch and a movie over the vacation. Fortunately, he was o.k. with all of the changes in plans, and now has something else to look forward to.