Thursday, July 3, 2008

Can't Anyone Get Some Sleep Around Here?

The meeting between Elle and the foreign exchange students went well. We spent the day walking around the town of Big Bear and then ate lunch there. Afterwards, we drove home. Everyone fell asleep in the car, including DH...everyone except me that is. Since I was the one driving, that was a very good thing.

That night we had 4 tickets to the Dodger game. DH took Sport and Surya, and I took the girls shopping. Turned out the Dodger game was an historic game (Dodgers won 1-0, without getting any hits, only the 5th time this has happened in baseball history). Surya loved the game, the stadium, participating in "the wave"...and came home singing "Lets go Dodgers!".

The girls loved shopping. Of course...what's not to love:~) Both were successful and purchased some items...lucky for them.

Elle is finding it strange that she needs to knock on her bedroom door before she enters. (the reason that the door is closed is to keep the kitties inside her room...for now). Elle chose to give Yulia her bed and instead to sleep on a mat on the floor...she is finding that very comfortable.

We took the kids to the beach on Sunday and they went "boogie boarding". They all had a blast. Today Surya and Yulia are going to Disneyland and won't return to the "pick-up" point until midnight...sigh. Tomorrow we will all (hopefully) sleep in for the 4th and then swim and BBQ with some friends. In the evening we are hoping to be able to watch some fireworks.

The kids have been really busy and are tired. Maybe they'll catch-up on some much needed sleep tomorrow morning. Maybe. I need to catch up on some much needed sleep as well. I return to work next week...having chosen to work summer school. Fortunately it will only be for four weeks and then I will still have about three weeks off before the next school year. This summer feels like it is already flying by...sigh...

Gotta run and drop Yulia and Surya off so that they can catch their bus to Disneyland. I forgot to post this in the is now 11:20pm and I just received a phone call that they left Disneyland 1/2 hour late...that means that I won't be picking them up until 12:30am...yawn...I will definitely be sleeping in on the 4th!


patches said...

Sweet Dreams!

Joan said...

It's 7:35am on the 4th and I'm guessing now would not be a good time to call you. Sigh...I guess I can wait a little bit longer.

Renee said...

I can't imagine how much the noise level has increased in your house. I know that when DD has a friend come over the noise goes up about 300% (dd is a quiet child! and her friends are not)

I hope you got to sleep in this morning. My dog decided that I needed to get my rear out of bed at 8:30 when I had intended to sleep until 9. grrr!

Patti said...

Hope you had a good rest!

Happy Fourth of July to you and all your housemates ;-)

Lynn said...

Patches - Thanks...I slept in.

Joan - 7:45 definitely would have been too early...I slept until 10am

Renee - I woke up at 6,7,8,9, and finally got out of bed at 10am...yay for me!

Patti - Thanks.