Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yippee Skippy

Since DH has been unemployed, he has been picking Sport up from school every afternoon. Yesterday was a day just like the others...only different:~) Sport came running in the house and said "Guess what?...Daddy has a job!"

Now you must understand that Sport is quite the little joker (can't imagine who he takes Before I was ready to get excited and start jumping up and down, I asked Sport why he was telling me this momentous news and not Daddy. Sport explained that Daddy was still in the car, and on the phone with "L".

I happen to know that "L" was one of the people, where is used to work (before his company split in two and he ended up at the awful place that laid-him-off) that was working hard to get him hired over in their department. So I started to feel some hope tenatively bubbling within my stomach. Still reluctant to get too excited I walked outside and waited for DH to get out of the car.

Sure enough...he has a job. He will start on April 28. He now officially has one week of unpaid vacation to get ready to go back to work. The great thing about this job is that he knows all of the people that he will be working with...and he likes them and they like him. In fact, the people that he will be working with all threw him a surprise party the evening of his last day of work ...(I sure hope that they don't want their gift back)...heeheehee

Anyway, that is my good news for now. Actually I would say that it's great news. There are still some particulars to work out, and some papers to sign. It's not a union job so in 14 months his health benefits will expire. Fortunately, he will be covered under my health plan, and he is already 'vested' in the union, so when it comes time for him to retire, he will still be eligible for his pension.

I can definitely say that I would much rather be dealing with these details, than stressing out about him not having a job. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and know that I have a lot to say about that subject. However, I'll leave that for another day.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend...I know that we will:~)


Marshamlow said...

Oh Lynn, I am so happy to hear this wonderful news. Have a great and relaxing weekend.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh Lynn, I'm soooo happy for you all. I was doing cartwheels in my living room when I read this. I am glad things are starting to brighten up for you ... this is indeed great news!

Renee said...

Oh I'm so happy for you! This is great news. I hope your DH loves his job and his new/old coworkers.

meno said...

Oh whew, you must feel so much lighter.


Pam said...

Yay!!!! As soon as I'm done commenting I shall go and do the mightiest of happy dances all over the house in your honor!!! I know JUST how you feel right now...



Lynanne said...

I'm doing the snoopy happy dance for you:


Patti said...

Wonderful news, Lynn. This was great to read. You can relax now.

the moose buyer said...

what happy news cuz and the best part is that Sport delivered it. This will be something he will always remember with a huge proud smile.

I will see you all this week.

Lynn said...

Marshamlow - Thanks

Michele - I felt like doing cartwheels too...only I don't know how.

Meno - Yes I do...and a lot less bitchier too.

Pam - I know you know, and it's a glorious feeling:~)

Lynanne - I absolutely loved the Snoopy dance...thanks:~)

Patti - My stress level have been reduced significantly, that's for sure.

Moose Buyer - It is happy news. What day are you coming over?

sari said...

i'm so glad to hear this!!!