Monday, April 21, 2008

Traaa ditioooon..bum bum bum (pause for 3 beats)....Tradition!

Saturday night I was making dinner when suddenly all of the power to the microwave went out. Mind you, no other power anywhere in the house went out...just the microwave. It's the kind of microwave that is installed about the stove and is expensive to replace.

After breathing in and out...I unpluged the microwave and plugged a night light into the outlet, checking to see if somehow we might have tripped a circuit such luck. DH and I looked at each other, sighed a big sigh, and stated that we probably had to go and buy a new one. (Given that this one is only two and 1/2 years old, we were not too happy about it) Fortunately with DH having a new job to start, the freaking out about the cost of a new microwave was not in my consciousness:~) whew.

It surprises me that if this had happened two days before, both DH and I would have been stressing about buying a new microwave, but because we now know that he will be starting work the end of this month, we reacted in a very different way to the situation.

But I there we were faced with a microwave that appeared deader than a doornail. (Fortunately we didn't need the microwave to finish preparing dinner.) Saturday we needed to light some candles, part of our tradition. We thought about 'blowing off' (no pun intended) lighting the candles, but instead, ultimately decided that lighting them was an important part of the evening. We all gathered in the kitchen to light the candles. Just as Elle was going to light the candles, DH glanced over at the microwave and the power came on.

I'm thinking that my dad and all of our relatives who have passed... were appeased.. Letting us know that they are still watching over us, and reminding us that traditions are important to maintain the chain that passes from one generation to the next.


Marshamlow said...

What a beautiful story. So glad the tide has turned and you were able to weather the storm.

Renee said...

I'm so glad that your microwave has decided to work for you again. I hope that it stays in working order...perhaps a service call might be in order if it goes out again.
Our old microwave used to trip the breaker every time it got cold & wet...but the new one is working just fine.

You have a lovely tradition...too bad my DH hates the smell of candle smoke. :(

the moose buyer said...

Uncle Mannie and Uncle Bill were probably watching and decided that a two year old Microwave should last longer and just to draw your attention, Uncle Bill picked the anniversary of his death. Nice touch Dad.

Ralph said...

Microwaves are sooo cheap these days. Of course, what do you expect for $53...long life or cheap prices?

Although I did see a nice microwave - convection combo oven at Sears for about $400. I shouldn't complain about our junk unit if all we paid was $53...

Patti said...

I love the candle tradition, Lynn! We light a jar candle on the dinner table every night.

I'm sure your deceased family members were looking out for you guys.

Joan said...

As a first-hand witness to this story, all I can say is that you have one possessed microwave.

Lynn said...

Marshamlow - I'm glad too.

Renee - It's far it is still working great...go figure.

The Moose Buyer - It really was strange.

Ralph - If we would have needed to buy a new one, we would have bought one to fit on the counter...and not one that's installed above the stove...they are just too expensive.

Patti - They definitely were:~)

Joan - Possessed is an understatement!