Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time Limps On

I am now one week post surgery and have learned some important lessons:

  1. My bathroom is a long, long, long way from my bed. (o.k. just feels that way)
  2. I am a well-hydrated woman. (see #1 above)
  3. Showering while standing on one leg is tough.
  4. Shaving while standing on one leg is tougher.
  5. I'm pretty tough.
  6. Accepting help from others is difficult for me.
  7. I expect perfection from myself...but not from others.
  8. Going down the stairs on your bottom is more fun when you're a kid.
  9. Going upstairs on your bottom doesn't really work : (
  10. Sometimes I whine...for no other reason than I am feeling sorry for myself.

Clearly I've had a lot of time on my hands to sit and do nothing. Before the surgery, I had a fantasy that I would use my time in bed to organize my bedroom (by cleaning out my dresser drawers) ...instead I've used my time to veg-out in front of the TV...sigh


jaded said...

so you've veged a little. You've earned it. You've been a very busy woman fora very long time. I am tottally with you on #7.

Renee said...

well after reading most of those I can see how you didn't get the bedroom organized. all those trips to the bathroom that is in the wrong place can wear you out. You deserve this veg-out time.

get well soon!

Marshamlow said...

Get well soon! Vegging out is my all time favorite passtime.

Lynn said...

Jaded - You're right...I have been really's just hard to go from 100mph to zero...especially because of #7.

Renee - Thanks...if I drank less water, it wouldnt be such a problem.

Marshamlow - Thanks...I don't usually get to veg's hard for me to enjoy it.

Patti said...

Vegging is absolutely fine when you are recuperating. Take it easy, enjoy the break ~