Sunday, April 12, 2009

Don't Tell Anyone

Shhhhh...don't tell anyone...especially not my podiatrist...but I drove today. Yep...I couldn't stand relying on other people to take me places or to get me what I I grabbed Elle, she grabbed a wheelchair...and off we went.

I felt great getting behind the wheel again. Of course, Elle told me that I looked pretty dorky driving with my left leg up on the dashboard...but a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do. We accomplished quite a bit:
  1. Pharmacy - picked up prescription...didn't have the kind of kitty food we needed : (
  2. Supermarket - picked up apple pie filling...didn't have the kind of kitty food we needed : (
  3. Pet supply store - picked up the kitty food we needed : )
  4. Different supermarket - picked up blueberry pie filling : )
Whew- each stop we made was quite a production...Elle had to get the wheelchair out of the back of my car...push me into the store and reverse it once we were done. It reminded me of how it used to be when my kids were little and I would lift the stroller in and out of the car. (I remember how strong and 'cut' my arms looked back then...sigh)

Elle had worked up quite an appetite not only lifting the wheelchair in and out of the car...but also pushing me around in we stopped at the local ice cream store. It made perfect sense to me, to get Elle two scoops of icecream to go (and to get some for DH and Sport)... however, I can't figure out exactly why I also needed two scoops of icecream...I was just sitting in the wheelchair the whole time...sigh.

We came home, I put my foot up and now I am ready for a nap...hopefully no one will eat my icecream while I sleep...breathe in...breathe out.


Patti said...

They had better not eat your ice cream! That would border on cruel.

Good to read that you were able to escape for awhile today. Now go back to vegging while you can.

jaded said...

Your ice cream will be safe with me.

Lynn said...

Patti - As of 8:15 this evening, no one had eaten my ice cream : )

Jaded - That's good to know.

Renee said...

from your description it sounds to me like your podiatrist has nothing to be concerned wasn't as if you were walking all over the were in a wheelchair.

I'm glad you got out to escape the cabin fever and got what you needed. Enjoy your ice cream!