Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Kitties Have Landed

This has been a really hectic week. Last Saturday, Elle and I drove an hour to pick up the kitties that Rescue Lady told us about.

As we were leaving to drive there, we received a call from the Rescue Lady who told us that one of the kitties had a cold, and that if we wanted to wait another week until we picked them up, we could.

Yeah, right, sure, no problem. Um excuuuuse me but these kitties are for a 13 year old girl. She wanted them like now...if you know what I mean. So I told the lady, no problem...we were on our way.

Arrived at the rescue place...met kitties...rescue lady assured me that the kitties were 6 weeks old that day (yeah, right, sure) rescued/adopted two kitties...bought 'stuff' for the kitties...drove home much poorer but with two cute kitties.

On Tuesday, Elle and I took the kitties to the vet. The all black kitty (Midnight) weighed all of 1 pound (vet thinks she's 1 month old...the tuxedo kitty (Twilight) weighed 1 pound 6 oz. and is probably about 5 weeks old (did I mention that Rescue lady said that they were from the same litter?) Along with the cold, Midnight had lots of ear mites...Twilight had less ear mites and tested positive for round worm (looking more and more like Rescue Lady was not telling the truth about them being littermates). Had the vet deworm both kitties, got ointment for Midnights eye which was 'goopy' from her cold, and had the vet reconstitute some antibiotic that Rescue Lady gave to us for Midnight.

Our vet was able to get blood from Twilight to test for feline leu.kemia and feline a.ids. Because Midnight is so was unable to take a blood sample from her, so he will try again when we return in two weeks for another exam, and I believe another deworming.

Needless to say, we left the vets a lot poorer, but at least we left with two hopefully healthier kitties. We've taken some pictures...and I will post them as soon as I can charge the battery in my camera. Breathe in...breathe out.


meno said...


Thank you for rescuing the kitties. They should have a fine life with you.

Need picturesa asap.

Renee said...

thanks for rescuing those kitties, but that "rescue" lady didn't sound very good. All the rescue places I've dealt with would have taken the kitties to the vet themselves and arranged for you to go to a vet that would see them for free.
But not knowing anything about the kitties' past is quite common for the rescue folks. They can only go by what the previous owner told them and most don't even get that.

I hope your kitties are better soon.

re: looking good for the webcam? I just turn it off!! ha ha Seriously I only use it with my IM service when I feel like it.

Marshamlow said...

I hope your kitties are better soon too.

Patti said...

Hope everybody is doing well. We can't wait for photos, Lynn.

Happy Mother's Day, kitties and all!

Now you're also an adoptive mom.

patches said...

I would like to thank you and Elle on behalf of all my furry people.

Do those kitties know what the floor feels like under their paws, or is Elle still holding them?

Lynn said...

Meno- The pics will come as soon as we get a new computer.

Renee - The kitties are doing much better...we'll take them back to the vet on Tuesday. Hopefully they will be worm free.

Marshamlow - They're both gaining weight, so I think they are both feeling better.

Patti - They are both really cute and Elle is realizing how much work they are too!

Patches - It was our pleasure to rescue them. Fortunately, they are both doing much better. whew. Elle does seem to alway have one or both of them in her arms however, their feet have definitely touched the floor:~)