Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can't A Girl Catch Her Breath?

I can't believe how quickly time has flown by since school/work started. It's already the end of September. Heck, I can't believe that this year is almost over.

Work has been keeping me really busy. I'm still working part-time, but instead of working a shorter day, five days/week, I am now working slightly longer days on four days. One would think that with one less day driving to work that I would have lots more time on my hands. Somehow, I don't = (

Elle's 14th birthday is this week. We're planning on going to Disneyland the end of the month to celebrate = ) Talk about time flying by...it feels like she was just born yesterday...sigh

Life here continues on a somewhat even keel...I'm not complaining, given the alternative. I'm still trying to find time for me. However, it seems to be elusive. I'm thinking someday in the not too distant future, I will have plenty of time on my hands...and then I'll look back on these days and maybe even long for them. It's hard to imagine having too much time on my hands. I'm guessing that I'll find things to do to fill up the time, but for now, I'm just look for some time to catch my breath.


patches said...

It doesn't seem like Elle has been a teenager for an entire year, but I'm not sharing a bathroom with her so maybe the year passed slower for Sport?

Ralph said...

We're happy you are back! And for Elle on her 14th. You sound good, but follow your adage to breathe in, breathe out!

Renee said...

glad that you were able to sneak away for a bit to give us an update.

Wow 14 already? where does the time go?
We're going to Disneyland soon too, but DD wants to hit American Girl place too. Any tips for either of those?

Patti said...

Happy 14th birthday to Elle! I remember when you told us she became a teen-ager ~ where has this year flown?

Good to have you back, Lynn. Thanks for following me...I don't follow anyone. Not yet, any way!

Now take a deeeeeep breath. I insist.

Lynanne said...

I hear you on just finding time to catch your breath! As you always say...breathe in, breathe out. :)